The Throne of Celedon: This Ain’t No Game.

It has been seventy-five years since the Second War of the Heavens ravaged the proud kingdom of Celedon. His majesty, King Marcus Drake, has done an admirable job of piecing the realm back together. Now, at the old age of seventy-seven, the once astute king has shown advanced signs of senility and magic has offered no cure. It is clear the king is near the end.

Unfortunately, the war almost wiped out the entire royal family, and now there are no known heirs left to continue the Drake name. In the lawful society of Celedon, when the king dies without an heir, he names his successor in his will. Now the subjects of Celedon all speculate who the king has named. Who will rule the most powerful country in all Alyssia?

The Throne of Celedon

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