The Throne of Celedon

a much needed rest

on the 16th at 1pm at the inn where we met him before, we met the younger ray
we teleport to celedon and leave a message for khalui

we train at brens

we teleport to the black swan inn to meet with baron bradford ray

we train from the 17th to the 5th (19 days complete)

we go to meet to meet khali and no one is there

we continue training (two days remaining)

we go to met khali – Suman, Eva, Khidaj, and Gintari
we see a drow coming out of the woods
he comes up to us, attacks and transforms into a deugar who killed gintari
we get ambushed by a huge group of deugar and teleport out

we finish training on the 16th

we drop a sending to jared to ask to meet, he says in wildkeep and come immediately
we meet with jared
we give jared our word to not use this information against him
jared wants us to escort the imprisoned son of the falakian amir from prison to his contact in southshore
we are setting up a bunch of magic items to be bought and upgraded (it will take 22 days to have our stuff upgraded)
eva and dessa sit on her money
we have to retrive the faidh (the amir’s son) in 15 days

we chill for 15 days

1068-09-02 (andertine 2nd)
7 days left for the longest item left for crafting


underdark dragon catch
2 platemails +2 – underdark
hammer +2 – underdark
2 greatswords +2 – underdark
3 breastplates +2 – underdark

Bren’s Safe House Catch
Pavilion Tent

Hidden Catch near Bren’s Safe House
All Plot Items

catch #1 – 6 days by foot from derfield – burried
MW Falcions x7 – horses lost and have to be left
Large +2 Flaming Greataxe – To Be Sold
Large +3 Splint mail – To Be Sold

Plot Devices

scary book that we cannot read that is in a dialect of infernal – given to Balthazar and translated
stone with behomet symbol – destroyed
Sword, decorative but usable, Handor is engraved in hilt, sword is decorated with sybol of drake family – Magnus Goldhart gives it back for safe keeping
figurine of an eagle missing 2 eyes – 200GP
figurine of a dragon, 1 eye, ruby – 1500GP
another unreadable note form the drunk blessed one
Letter – from hill giants, crude talks about attacking humans
Acron form the Great Oak – token from Corinthia Oakwood
small pyramid that turns into a gate to hell – confirmed, enterance to the infernal lands
small pyramid that turns into a gate to underdark
horn and bowl for karval ritual
we find a lot of letters
Book Called ‘Hidden Continent’
Book Called ‘Advent of Slavery’
Book Called ‘Unknown War: Cronicles of the Shadow War’
Book Called ‘The Horrors of Zon’Kuthon’
swatch of cloth from secret secret room that was used int he making of evil robes
black mask
huge uncut diamond
magical red gem



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