The Throne of Celedon

A Somber Start

i missed last session

we get Gin back via an elemental stype resurrection

we complete training for 7th level

Nick goes to town and gets stuffz

we leave bren’s land with 3 small children and two teens

the day passes uneventfully but that night…
in the middle of third watch, an orc army comes within several miles
we obliterate most of the scouting force, but several get away
we lose several bits of our tent, but we got everything else ok

we are skirting around the hills
three hill giants attack and we lose two horses but get a lot of loot and a note
the note basically says the giants and the orcs are to seek out vunerable groups to attack

we see in the distance we see a darkish dragon flying in the sky and it was not above the mountains

we are in a clearish plains type area with a lot of trees
we hear something large in the trees

we make it to the river
we go upriver

we find a place that we might be able to ford the river

we find another place to ford
suman enlarges the horse the kids ride to assist in their checks
we are now in the other side of the river

we see three humans/humanoids on foot
one of the three approach us after putting up his bow, it appears to be a fair faced elf – he looks sort of like a wood elf
he talks to us in accented common
the other two are men of the same elven race
the one who approached us offers us escort service
Tarrent is the head elf who escorts us
he says we are being shadowed by 20ish
some of the elves come in and they start cooking food
all of them are very friendly and they often
Tarrent tells us where we are going is the Gnosterl Woods
Tarrent tells us that the woods have been infiltrated with an evil lately

the air is getting cool
the river is not huge but is still moving and we have reached some plains and we see a grove of 20 trees
they leave us at the edge of the woods after saying goodbye
we camp at the edge of the woods

tarrent says that they are a nomadic tribe of ‘forest elves’
they are amazing archers, can fight, but prefer to avoid it if they can
we part ways with the elves in the morning
as soon as we enter the grove, we are suddenly in the middle of a forest
when we go in, it goes from morning, to bright twilight
the stars are very bright and the trees are very thick
we travel for about 3 hours
we find a spot where animals have been slaughtered
we also found a dead centaur
we also found a brownie – it appears to have defensive wounds
both the brownie and the centaur appear to have their blood drained
nick sees a lot of heavy small foot prints – they appears like steel or iron boots
there are a lot of tracks and they were clearly in the blood
as we travel, we hear a lilting laughter and a brook
the tempeture is comfortable and a lot of blooming plants
we get the sense we are being followed and we say out loud that we are looking for Corinthia Oakwood
Suman hears bits of the conversation and says again in sylvan that we are looking for her
we decide to camp for the night
the sleep feels like this is the best sleep we have ever gotten
we are very comfortable here

on the first watch, serna and suman see a humanoid with goat legs
they are approached by a faun
he offers to deliver a message to corinthia
he then plays a song and dances
the faun runs off
shortly after, he comes back with some other type of fey
the faun plays a slightly happer melody as we go with him
we come to a huge grove with a great oak in it
we see a lot of fey
corinthia has a great presense about her and is sitting on a throne that is almost built into the tree
she says that they are bound to friendship
she says she can keep the children safe, but she does not know for how long
evil has invaded
we are going to go after the evil



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