The Throne of Celedon

Aldrine 1, 1069.

Aldrine 1, 1069.

I am Stravos Greylocke, quartadecima ordinis magus transmutationis, and the last living member of the company known as The Righteous Vanguard.

The manner in which I arrived at this place and time is of little consequence as I intend this to be a record of what is to come and not of the past. Still, I cannot leave you completely in the dark, so I will preface what follows by stating that I have spent the last three years a captive of evil giants. It has been only three months since I escaped. I was imprisoned as a result of a betrayal at the hands of a person named Cyn. My loyal and goodly companions were slain in ambush and I have recently learned that my liege, an honest, good man, was recently executed for crimes against the crown. Suffice it to say that I have experienced better years.

I have spent much time deliberating on my next course of action and in doing so, decided to begin a journal of my travels as of this day. My proclivities lie in mathematics and arcane formulae, not augury. Despite this, a sense of foreboding has been my constant companion since learning of the death of my Lord Mangus Goldhart. Something is amiss, though I cannot put my finger on it. I feel change upon the wind as if the very nature of this world is in transition. It reminds me of the sensation I get when performing certain transmutations. Things are no longer what they were. How, I do not know. But I feel it nonetheless.

I do not know what role I am to play in the events that are to come, if any, but I will document it to the best of my ability.

I strike out for Celedon tomorrow. I have learned that Redhart, a company loyal to Goldhart, frequents the temple of Diakris in the city and it is my hope that they can shed more light on the events surrounding his death. I do not know if I can trust them, but I have little else to go on. I hope their association with Goldhart means what it did when the man yet lived.



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