The Throne of Celedon

Aldrine 12, 1069

Aldrine 12, 1069

I was able to locate the adventuring band, Redhart. The band seems formidable, and is comprised of a paladin, a ranger, a cleric, a fighter and a sorcerer – their names, Serena, Khidaj, Morgan, Gintare and Suman respectively. I feel better after my meeting with them.

It took some convincing, but I was able to confirm my identity as the sole surviving member of the Righteous Vanguard. After some interviews and rigorous questioning, I have been allowed to join their number for a time. It will take more effort to assuage their concerns over my devilish companion, Ziglub, but they were at least partially mollified by the fact that I am known to be loyal to Goldhart and the fact that I kept him well out of sight.

I have had little opportunity to discuss personal matters with any, but it appears our goals are aligned. Much of the information I acquired while in captivity seems to hold relevance to their quest, although it appears that the direction of that quest is somewhat ambiguous at present.

I am certain now that the sense of foreboding that I have been feeling is not of my own imagining. I’ve learned that this group of adventurers has played a prominent role in shaping the current state of events and may have been pivotal in placing the current king into power. This King Jarrod appears to be a just, humble leader and a fine administrator. Ironically, while they are ostensibly loyal to this king, the party is divided on their opinion of him. This point that the party debates is no small matter of personality or character flaws either. The question they currently struggle with is this: Is this man their greatest ally, the noble and just King Jarrod or is he, in fact, their greatest enemy, an evil entity called the Dark One who is intent on destroying the good of the world?

I heard very compelling arguments to support each view, but I am reserving judgment on the matter until I learn more.

The party does agree that great caution is called for whatever the case may be, because according to them, this foe is likely beyond our power. For that reason, rather than press for a confrontation, the group has decided to buy time by preventing this entity from getting his hands on an artifact known as the Crown of Storms. They believe that The Dark One desperately seeks this item in order to bring his plans to fruition. I’ve been told that the full potential of The Crown of Storms cannot be unleashed unless five gems, each corresponding to a specific school of magic, are affixed to it. The gem associated with necromancy is an opal, and believed to be in the hands of black wyrm named Hissoryth who resides far to the northeast. We have decided to obtain this opal and venture forth on the morrow.



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