The Throne of Celedon

An Abandoned Temple

we wake up at level 6

just keep walking just keep walking

Gintari tells us we are getting close to the ruins we want to go to where we can retrieve the divine focus for nancy
Bronson climbs a peak so he can scout the area
he sees a griffon and runs from it after getting a peak at what could be the ruins
we get attacked during first watch by 2 ettins and kill them
we almost lost bronson and were forced to use the special potion to save him

we continue towards the temple ruins and run into 3 orges
they get burnt by fireball before they can even get to us
we then get attacked by two dire wolves and 6 more orges
we clear them out and continue to the ruins
we get there in mid afternoon and decide to set up camp, becuase we have used a bunch of spells
as we are setting up camp, 6 orges come up from the hole in the ruins
we take out the orges but then an orge magi comes out to play
it comes to a draw and we go to camp farther away from the hole



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