The Throne of Celedon

Cleansing the Woods

a human man and dessa come up first thing in the morning
we follow the redcaps back but will divert to drop the horses off with corinthia

forward wakes up extremely thirsty
we make it to corinthia’s that day
i cast remove curse on both forward and elenor
we speak with corinthia

we set out from corinthia in search redcaps
we make it back to the tracks for the red caps
we can still see them

we follow the trail for the redcaps
we find an area where they avoid
the area is ‘fenced’ in hanging heads of dead fey
we investigate the fence and forward ducks in and runs into three creatures
they look like bald elves with big claws and bark-like skin
nick saw forward sneak off and not long after, we heard the sounds of a very short battle
we head closer as a group minus forward
we take out the three evil fey and the trees revert to normal
we look for their camp and get their loot
we go to rest

suman wakes up thirsty
we continue following the redcaps tracks
we sleep but are woken up during third watch by a sound of marching
we flee
forward sneaks up behind them invisible and learns that the redcaps are here unwillingly
we find out that elenor has a creepy orb
we stop to rest again

the rest of our third attempt goes without event
we head back towards corinthia
we run across the sounds of another gorup of redcaps and we avoid them
we try to rest but suman casts another iceball
we press on throughtout the night

we get to corinthia
she says that it is a stone of curruption
corinthia removes curse on both elenor and suman
elenor tells corinthia that she say the druid fulgar before finding the orb
corinthia requests that we speak to the druid fulgar



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