The Throne of Celedon

escorting the stuff of legend

1068-09-02 (andertine 2nd)
7 days left for the longest item left for crafting

we get to celedon and meet jared who looks flushed
faidh was able to greet khidaj in the appropriate greeting for the tribe he can from in falak
gintari says that jared thinks he may be compromised
he said that a secondary contact instead of the shipwright is Henry
Henry is an accountant who benefited greatly from blackwood being in power and he might have the proof of a money trail
we teleport to
we do a sending with nancy and sinari
we have nancy buy sepcial gear for him
suman checks into the whereabouts of faidh’s horse and found no trace

6 days left for the longest item left for crafting

nancy delivers the gear to suman in celedon and suman teleports back
Eva drops 5220 GP for faidh to have a basic kit – +2 armor, 2 sets of arrows, 1 set cold iron arrows, 1 set silver arrows, mw silver longsword, basic adventurer’s kit
we get horses from wildekeep before we leave

we travel uneventfully

suman picked up the magical gear

we continue traveling uneventfully

we hear that king blackwood has gone back to falak for major battle and nearing the city of dunya

we continue traveling

there is word that things are going well in the battle for dunya

we continue traveling

we are about seven days away from southshore
the bloodguard took part in the battle and the amir himself joined the fight
the army of celedon was routed and 2 kharvals were destroyed and 5 fled
7 of the amir’s bloodguard were killed

we continue traveling

the remnents of the valborn and celedon army has surrendered

Jared is released
margret cornell got him released

we get to southshore
we leave eva, dessa, khidaj, and faidh hide outside
suman, gintari, and serena are disguised and try to meet the shipwright in southshore

attacked by an ice devil and 2 bone devils and 1 bone devil got away
we go back to the horses and leave the area

we do the standard sendings
jared and 3 bodyguards teleport to us via suman getting him
we work out next steps with jared
we ask duke ray to speak to amir for secret in person negotitations



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