The Throne of Celedon

Nobnurine 12th

It has been an eventful few months since my last entry. We have made steady progress in our goal to acquire the various components that of the artifact known as “The Crown of Storms”, though it has not been easy.

Of the five gems that we seek, now possess the opal, the ruby and the emerald. I have studied the opal and the emerald exhaustively over the course of several weeks. I am fairly confident that I have unlocked their individual powers – anything more will come once the crown is re-assembled. Each gem hold six powers: three that I have labeled “major” powers, and three that I have labeled “minor” powers. This categorization is based on the relative spell power of the spells that the gem mimics. For example, the opal contains a powerful abjuration effect that wards against negative energy and death-based magic – a major power. However, it also allows the wielder to infuse his touch with negative energy to disrupts the life force of living creatures, damaging them and sapping their strength. This ability is very similar to a common apprentice-level necromancy spell – thus, a minor power.

The ruby, which is known to be linked to the school of transmutation, remains unexamined at this point, as we only today wrested it from the grip of a vicious barbarian chieftain known as Comric. I am eager to learn if it will add to my own expertise in transmutation.

Though I have unlocked the activation of these powers and disclosed them to my companions, I have also warned them against the potential negative effects of using these items. It must be stressed that these gems are as powerful as any I have studied. By simply holding them one can feel it. When these items are wielded by those unfamiliar with the ways of magic the possibility exists that the power can be channeled inefficiently, ineffectually or, worse yet, erratically. It is the latter that holds the greatest danger, as a portion of the magic affects the user directly. I have not felt these effects myself, my training in spellcraft having protected me thus far, but I am certain of it. The hobgoblin king is evidence enough of this. A warrior through and through, I do not doubt he knew little of the workings of magic, and thus, over time, the gem that he wielded had begun to transform him into a cyclops-like creature.

It has been through brute strength that we have managed to acquire these gems. Perhaps another time I will dedicate more parchment to detailing these events, but for now, suffice it to say that with each gem we acquire, we collect more and more deaths, though none permanent thanks to our cleric companion and our allies.

We now have our eyes set on locating a winter witch who is thought to be in possession of the sapphire, linked to the school of abjuration.

Addendum on Allyissian politcs to follow.



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