The Throne of Celedon

What Do We Do Now?

Pelbintine 24
After the fight with the sorceress Leona, we went back to find that the teleportation locations in Leona’s Tower were no longer functioning. The other two portals that we didn’t go through are still a mystery. We returned to the palace, and we were told that King Jarrod would see us tomorrow.

Pelbintine 25
King Jarrod invites us to lunch, and we eat with him in a room that looks as though it has been stripped of wealthy ornaments and artwork. We’ve noticed other missing items around the palace lately.

We tell him about our search and fight with leona, and we tell him of everything we found except for Blackwood’s letter to Leona. We purposely leave that out.

We also ask if we can use Leona’s Tower as a base of operations and he agrees. He also gives us the name of an architect he has used in the past to help.

Jarrod says that he would like for us to stay while we train and until he calls on us. He has something he needs to ask us, especially Suman. We agree, and we use the time to train.

Hegeline 5th (one year after Mangus’ execution and a sacred day for Jaydal)
RedHart finishes training (cost was 459 gold each). During this time, we hear that all of the nobles have been meeting with King Jarrod.

Today we went to Balthazar and asked him several questions. Most of it he could not help us with, but he agreed to look into locating where Fak (one of the Shadow Warriors who originally found the false puzzle box) was being kept in Hell.

We asked to see Lady Sinare, but she wouldn’t be available until 7 days from now.

We then visited the historian, William of Greyburn. We asked him to look into the questions Leona had written about the Crown of Storms. Specifically, if the crown created by Helios for Audren was the same crown.

Hegeline 6th – 10th
We teleport to the GoldHart Hospital to leave Eva. It’s difficult to say goodbye, but it’s obvious that since the idea for this hospital has become a reality, Eva’s enthusiasm for it has grown. Eva gives Suman the Rey’s Pendant to keep RedHart safe.

While leaving Eva to help build her hospital, there were already a few people there helping. One of these Suman recognized as an old friend, Morgan. Morgan is a Cleric of the Missing God and she has hoped to run into Suman again. Morgan has eagerly agreed to join us. With Eva’s departure, a Cleric is much appreciated.

Then we traveled to Bren’s so that Suman could check on his fiancee, Lynette. Bren tells the couple that they are expecting twins. Certain of what he must do, Suman agrees to speak to Lynette’s father about marriage.

While Suman meets with Lynette, Khidaj searches for his new animal companion. Still a little in shock at the loss of his hawk, Khidaj eventually meets an owl who takes to him quickly.

Hegeline 11th
Suman talks to Lynette’s father, Baronet Armstrong, to discuss marriage. The wedding is set for the 30th of Hegeline.

We meet with Lady Sinare, and she tells us to talk to Cynara, Servant of Diakris, Lady of the Tower in the North(ancient dragon at the tower in the north) in regards to the Storm Giants.

Hegeline 12th
We talk with the historian, William of Greyburn, to see what he has discovered. He confirms that the crown written about by Leona was not the same Crown of Storms. He can find no other information on the crown or Storm Giants. Each member pays 175 gold for his services.

We meet with King Jarrod finally to discover what he wanted to say. He tells us, that after much discussion with each noble, he will, on the 30th of Hegeline, exonerate Mangus Goldhart and the Goldhart family of any and all crimes!

Furthermore, he asks Suman to make the speech on the 30th. Jarod also says that they will name the day after Mangus as the Day of Restoration!

Suman invites the King to his wedding and the King asks if he can perform the ceremony. The wedding will happen in the evening of the 30th, after the announcement.

Hegeline 13th
Suman attempts to teleport RedHart to Cynara’s tower in order to ask Cynara questions about the Storm Giants (as suggested by Lady Sinare). Not knowing the area well, he misses the mark and they have to travel to get to the tower.

In route, RedHart is attacked by a large, purple, spider-like creature with a flail weapon. The creature is highly intelligent, casting spells and turning invisible.

Gintare begins babbling uncontrollably. At times she stands still, other times she is lucid, but unfortunately, some times she attacks her group. After Morgan had been hit by the creature, Gintare kills her with several precise blows.

Quickly Suman teleports Morgan away. He tries for Lady Sinare’s temple, but instead arrives at the Temple of Belin in Granidier. Suman takes note of the area and teleports Morgan to Sinare’s temple yelling for help. As soon as others come, Suman teleports back to the fight.

Serena and Khidaj had been fighting Gintare to try and stop her. At one point, Suman notices that she is lucid and yells at her to drop her sword, which she does. Then suddenly she draws her cold iron sword and attacks Serena.

Using non-lethal damage, Serena knocks Gintare out. As we start to tie her up, the creature appears again knocking Suman out. Khidaj fights the creature and is poisoned badly. Serena rushes over to Suman and heals him in time for Suman to teleport everyone out to Sinare’s temple.

Khidaj dies of the poison before anyone can rush to his aid at the temple. Morgan is dead, and Gintare is knocked out. We raise Morgan and she raises Khidaj.



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