The Throne of Celedon

What Lies Within

we rest

we hide our gear speerately from the horse and mule
we then proceed into the catacomb hole thingy
we keep going down into it
the lower we go, the more damage that the tunnels seem to have take from some random cataclysmic event
we come to a chasim
bronson goes across the giant rope with a silk rope
on the other side bronson runs into a spirit on the other side
the spirit said we have to lay his brethern to rest that were in the chas before we were allowed to enter the temple
bronson comes back across
serena gets lowered towards the bottom
the undead tornado starts moving torwards serena and we pull her back up
suman throws a fireball and its very effective
the undead tornado hides in a cubby down there
we head back to camp and start constructing our lift

we get back to the chasm with our makeshift lift
we go down and kill the undead tornado
we get some magical loot
we go back to the tunnel and bronson goes across the rope
bronson only takes the bone and the other stuff except the gold
we go back to the surface
we get back to camp and our horses are dead but our stuff is still there
we head to wintermere

we begin to see buzzards in the air
we go to where they are and find a lot of dead people and horses in a clearing with a single tree
the tree has white bark and seems different
we get attacked by the weird white tree
this sounds like it might be a dragon tree
we meet a ranger

We get to wintermere

Gintari’s father gets to town

a man from highlake comes into town
we were told that the entire family of goldhart was arrested for treason for the attempted assassination of the king
we also hear that one of the richest gem and metals mine was found in Folack (across the ocean)
we also hear that blackwood changed his own house guard – some new creatures that are magical beings

we leave for celedon

confirmation that all members of goldhart clan have been arrested
the king has replaced his royal guard with 5 karval by an ‘anonomous’ source
they found letters from goldhart on the body of the assassin
jared godwin has been appointed regent of wildkeep
the trial is being scheduled – jury trial of 6 (5 or 6 have to vote the same way)
the king is always serving on the jury
the high priestess of diakriss is on the jury

we get to celedon
we hear who is going to be on the jury – The King, The High Priestess, Margret Cornell, Gregory Godwin, Duke Davis Canard, Earl Bernard Fallhand
Gregory Godwin was promoted to earl and granted additional lands
Bernard Fallhand is seen as a joke of a leader
davis canard is the oldest serving noble
we go straight to the temple and told she will meet with us the next day

we meet with the high priestess Sinari Torrent
we give her the focus
she tells us that there was an assassiantion attempt on 06-21 and his personal guard bouldar slew the assassins
one of the assassins was known as a friend of goldhart
she says that many of the people who were supposedly involved were not that type of people
the high priestess says that mangus asks us to look in the status of his children and to hide them if any escaped capture
she says that he told us to talk to corinithia oakwood for safety of the children and other family members
the people are known to be free
baron goldhart supposedly escaped capture and is brother to mangus and is either escaped or slain
jennifer sorell was mangus’ aunt and is married into another family and is very old
calvin goldhart has been placed in house arrest and is mangus uncle and is very old
no one knows exactly what happens to the children and they need to be found
the other option would be to find evidence that would implicate blackwood in any of the occult type thing



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