Earl Gregory Godwin



Earl Gregory Godwin is the older brother of Baronet Jarrod Godwin and the leader of the House of Godwin. He rules the Granite Keep in Dorfeld near Celedon. He is a staunch supporter of Earl Cowin Blackwood. He is a somewhat charismatic man who tends to rule in a totalitarian manner. For the most part, he is considered fair, although there are murmurings about what he does to those who cross him.

He has black hair and is a physically strong individual.

Earl Gregory Godwin was rewarded with an Earldom after Blackwood was crowned King of Celedon. However, after information arose implicating Gregory in the Baphomet cult and an attempt on his brother’s life, he was arrested. He later inexplicably escaped from the dungeon without a trace.


The party met Gregory Godwin first in Whitecastle while investigating the Baphomet cult. He, along with his brother, Jarrod Godwin, accused the party of being in league with the cultists. Shortly after the death of King Marcus Drake, he recanted these accusations through his brother.

RedHart was responsible for discovering the information resulting in Gregory’s arrest.

Earl Gregory Godwin

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