King Jarrod of the House Godwin, Earl of Wildekeep, Earl of Newton


Earl Jarrod Godwin is the younger brother of Earl Gregory Godwin, the ruling member of the House Godwin. He used to rule the town of Newton for his brother, near the capital city of Celedon and the city prospered greatly under his wise decisions. Following the arrest of the Goldhart family, Jarrod was named the regent of Wildekeep and later was given the Wildekeep Earldom when the Goldhart family was found guilty of treason and later executed.

He is a professed follower of Taryn and he has already made several good decisions regarding Wildekeep, specifically regarding the economy and trade, which was somewhat lacking under Mangus’ rule. However, he has been humbled in the realm of military strategy and has suffered several losses against the evil powers to the north.

People are amazed by Jarrod’s incredible rise to power. He went from a baronet to earl in a short time and then to King of Celedon. Not bad for a second son of a minor house.


The party first made the acquaintance of Jarrod Godwin in the town of Whitecastle while investigating the disappearance of Lady Jasmine Bellows. Jarrod Godwin was in town with a group of Godwin militia to aid in the protection of Whitecastle while so many of Whitecastle’s men-of-arms were off to war in the north. While there, the party discovered some information that possibly implicated Jarrod Godwin as a leader in a cult of Baphomet, which was responsible for the murder of several people in Whitecastle. Further, Jarrod accused RedHart of actually being a part of the cult conspiracy.

Later, Jarrod met with the party in Celedon and apologized for the way he treated them in Whitecastle. He explained that he was aware that the party was not fully truthful with him and he suspected they were lying about other items as well.

While ruling Wildekeep, Jarrod again asked the party to meet with him and he asked them to discover who was behind the Baphomet cult. He also said he always respected Mangus and was very disappointed with the way his legacy ended. Further, he said he would speak for RedHart and put them under his protection, although he did not require the party to swear fealty to him. This will allow RedHart to travel in Celedon without fear of being seen as a traitor. Finally, Jarrod implied that he knew RedHart had rescued the children and had sequestered them somewhere safe in the north.

King Jarrod of the House Godwin, Earl of Wildekeep, Earl of Newton

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