Bren the Woodsman


Bren is a towering individual who the party met in the woods near Whitecastle. He has dark hair which flows well beyond the middle of his back. He wields a large two handed sword, but does not appear to wear armor. His face is clean shaven and he has a stern, yet pleasant look. His skin is dark brown and he moves through the brush with an almost unnatural ease.

Bren loves his dog as a family member. He claims to “own” the land where he resides and seems to have a protective, caring attitude towards that land. He lives in a very small, austere house nestled deep in the woods.


The party made Bren’s acquaintance when they came to the aid of Matthew (a large dog) who had been caught in a bear trap. Wolves were closing in on the wounded dog and the party rushed to Matthew’s rescue. The wolves proved to be a deadly foe, and only after the intervention of Bren, did the wolves flee.

Eva stabilized Matthew, who had fallen during the melee. Following the battle, Bren promised the party his undying friendship.

Bren the Woodsman

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