Cowan Blackwood, King of Celedon and Earl of Blackmill

Executed in Falak


Cowan Blackwood is a powerful wizard who has long, black, braided hair and is the head of the Blackwood house. He is a known throughout Celedon for his exceptional intellect and political savvy. He served as a long-time advisor to Marcus Drake and was often at odds with Mangus Goldhart II, the other primary advisor to the king. He was in charge of the intelligence portion of the king’s army while Mangus was in charge of the army.

There are some who have claimed that Cowan and the house Blackwood has avoided armed conflict. Additionally, he has undergone some criticism that much of his advice tends to benefit the House Blackwood, rather than the whole of Celedon. In the final days of Marcus rule, the king would often take that advice and this made Blackmill a very wealthy city.

Surprisingly, Cowan Blackwood was named the heir to the throne of Celedon upon Marcus Drake’s death. It is known that this angered many of the citizens of Celedon, most obviously those of the House Goldhart and Rey.


Cowan Blackwood, King of Celedon and Earl of Blackmill

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