Earl Forrest Thorburn, IV


Earl Forrest Thorburn, IV is the charismatic leader of Southshore. He is considered to be quite attractive and it is said that the women of Southshore cried for days when he married the elven maiden, Valaina Glanloteil. He has never embraced the trappings of his Earldom, and will treat the commoner and noble each with respect. Nevertheless, those who are close to the earl know him to be quite ambitious.

He is known as a very accomplished ruler and has helped to grow Southshore into the third largest city in Celedon. For several years now Southshore has been the vacation destination of the rich throughout Alyssia and Earl Thorburn has played a major role in this. At the same time, he has helped to grow trade in this coastal city and was bypassing Fallham with trade until the new tariff essentially stopped imports from going directly to Southshore.


RedHart met Earl Thorburn while investigating the destruction of the small village, Oceanside. Earl Thorburn confided in RedHart explaining he felt the king was not the proper king and that he has allied himself with Justice Langdon. He asked RedHart to approach Duke Rey and see if the Duke would be interested in joining their alliance.

Earl Forrest Thorburn, IV

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