Faidh Tariq, Son of Emir Nasib Tariq


Faidh Tariq is a good looking man from Falak and is the seventh son of Emir Nasib Tariq. He has followed in his father’s footsteps and has become an accomplished ranger, proving to be a powerful guardian of the desert.

Faidh is viewed with almost legendary status by the people of Falak and is seen as more important than even the first son and heir to the throne. This has to do with Falakian legend that espouses the 7th son of a 7th son of the emir will unite the country of Falak and will come in Falaks greatest time of need. Legend states that there will be no female siblings born in the order, so this is a very rare feat and has not happened for thousands of years. Currently, Faidh has already given birth to three sons and has not had a daughter.

When Falak came into conflict with Celedon, the Emir sent Faidh to negotiate with the king of Celedon and protest Falak’s innocence. After an attempt to assassinate the king was foiled, and a poison unique to Falak was found on the assassins, Faidh and his companions were arrested and held prisoner.


RedHart encountered Faidh when Earl Jarrod Godwin facilitated Faidh’s escape from the Celedon dungeons and placed Faidh in the care of the RedHart. They were instructed to keep Faidh away from all civilization and to build trust with the son of the Emir with the hopes Faidh would aid in a potential peace process with Falak. Further, Jarrod was afraid that King Blackwood would kill Faidh, thus destroying any chance of peace.

Faidh Tariq, Son of Emir Nasib Tariq

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