Grandori' Al



Grandori’ Al is a powerful storm giant who looks uncharacteristically well kept (please note the picture pictures Grandori as a more characteristic, disheveled storm giant). He is approximately 21 feet tall and his skin is a violet hue. His long hair and beard are a deep purple and is neatly groomed, not a hair out of place, which is unusual for a storm giant. His eyes are silver and reflect ages of experience.

Grandori’ Al claims to be the king of Korindor.

It was later discovered that Grandori’ Al’s family was cursed by powerful creatures known as Sinarians. Later, after the curse of the Sinarians was lifted, Grandori’ Al returned to his chaotic good form and renounced his reign of terror. Following this event, he had the common unkempt look of a storm giant, but maintained his violet skin and purple hair.


Suman met Grandori’ Al when he went to meet Lady Lynette Armstrong the day before her wedding. She had been kidnapped and Grandori’ Al offered her life and Suman’s life in exchange for the Ruby which had been discovered by RedHart in a lair of goblins.

It was RedHart who released Grandori’ Al from his curse. In apparent gratitude, Grandori’ Al sought out RedHart and fortuitously was able to warn them of a powerful ambush of two Pit Fiends, A Horned Devil, and two Ice Devils. Grandori’ Al defeated the two Pit Fiends, but in turn was vanquished with no hope of resurrection. After a life of evil, he appeared happy that his last act was helping others and defeating captains of evil.

Grandori' Al

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