Kailu is a dark elf who moves with a grace that mystifies the common man. She has dark features and usually walks through town with her features covered. However, when she shows her face, her drow heritage is obvious. She keeps her long, silver hair meticulously groomed and often has feathers woven into the hair.

She has a regal air about her and tends to treat others with disdain.


The party was approached by Kailu when she had some information about the Duergar who had accepted a contract to kill the party.

More recently, RedHart has entered into an alliance with the drow, and she has provided additional information regarding the Duerger who seek RedHart. She provided them with written evidence of prices that have been placed on the heads of the party, the surviving children of Mangus and Harold Goldhart, as well as the prodigal brother, Barin Goldhart.


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