Lady Sinare Torrent, High Priestess of Diakris


Lady Sinare is a striking figure whose elven presence commands the attention of those around her. She has long, flowing hair which is silver/white in color. Long ago, she lost her eyes and now has a blank stare which only shows the false marble eyes set in her eye sockets. She has sharp, angular features which accentuate her regal appearance.


The party met Sinare when they were investigating the cult of Baphomet. They took the brave beggar Nancy, who had helped the party to uncover the Whitecastle cult, to Sinare to see if she could cure her catatonic state. Sinare promised to do all she could to help Nancy and asked the party to investigate the possibility of the presence of the cult in and around Celedon.

Lady Sinare Torrent, High Priestess of Diakris

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