Cleric of the Missing God


Morgan is a tall woman with short blonde hair. She smiles more than most adventurers, and can be quite talkative if engaged. She’s a happy person with little concern about personal space when it comes to showing her friends affection.


Margaret grew up on the move from town to town. Her father, Andro Balmir, was a small merchant that bought and sold various items back and forth between the cities of Celedon. She and her twin brother, Morgan, would bounce around the back of her father’s caravan while he sang songs and told stories to those that booked passage or preferred to move in groups.

Margaret enjoyed meeting the new people and trying to discover what they were all about. Most of them were fellow merchants and one-time travelers, but sometimes she would run into a couple of adventurers. They fascinated her and Morgan the most.

One day, while carrying some goods to Wildkeep, a small group of soldiers approached her father with some wounded. The soldiers were returning to Wildkeep and asked if Andro could take the wounded back so that the soldiers could go back to the battle. Andro agreed happily.

Most of the wounded soldiers weren’t very talkative, but Margaret saw among the wounded, a dirty, white-haired boy looking very lost. She approached him cautiously, as he had the look of someone who might run off at any minute.

As the boy looked out over the edge of the moving caravan, a little hand pushed a small, white flower in his face. The boy was surprised and eventually took it from a grinning Margaret. Margaret took her time, but eventually she got the boy’s name, Suman. Even though he was a dirty, smelly little thing, there was something about him Margaret couldn’t stop thinking about.

By the end of the day Suman and Margaret had become friends. Morgan, Margaret’s twin brother, was too busy tending to the wounded to spend much time with Suman, but they seemed to like each other well enough.

For the next few years, when Andro made it into Wildkeep, Margaret would try to find and spend time with Suman. It was rare, but when she did find him, she found herself overjoyed. She had developed quite a crush.

One day, when talking with Suman and walking around Wildkeep, she told him of her brother’s plans to train to become a Cleric and adventurer. With her brother and Suman becoming adventurers soon, she was eager to do the same, but her father was getting older, and he needed her to help with the business.

Andro and Margaret headed out to take Morgan to a Temple dedicated to the Missing God. Andro always liked the Missing God saying, “Any God who isn’t so full of hubris as to be named, has my appreciation”.

On the way, the caravan was stopped by a band of thieves. Thieves weren’t very common, but they did happen. The family would normally let the thieves take what they wanted and offer no resistance; however, this time, Morgan felt empowered and stood up to them. The thieves cut him down and killed Andro as well, but Margaret got away.

Later that night she returned to find her family dead and caravan completely stripped. Even the horses were taken. She was lost in her grief, crying on the side of the road next to the caravan, when she noticed a small, white flower moving gently in the breeze in front of her. It reminded her of happier times. Looking through what was left, she found Morgan’s admission letter to be trained as a Cleric at he temple.

Walking for a day, she arrived at the temple. She said nothing as she handed her letter to one of the priests. They called her Morgan, and ushered her in.

A year later, Margaret (or Morgan as she now went by) was on an errand for her temple in Waterdeep when she spotted a young, white-haired man preparing his horse for travel. Morgan ran over to Suman and hugged him harder than she should have given the muffled noises coming from Suman.

Suman explained that he was about to go to Whitecastle to meet with a group to find a knight’s lost daughter. He was excited to begin his adventures. Morgan explained what had happened over the last year, and how she came to be called by her brother’s name. Everyone at the temple had guessed early that she wasn’t Morgan, but the name stuck, and she rather liked being reminded of her brother like that.

Suman, noticing a familiar, small white flower, bent down and picked it. Morgan didn’t see what he was getting until he shoved it in her face. She lit up.

They parted ways and Morgan watched as Suman headed off to Whitecastle. She had a strange feeling that he was heading for something bigger than even he realized.

Since then Morgan had been joining random groups and even working in the Wildkeep army for a short time. When Mangus died, she was saddened, but more saddened because of how she knew it must have made Suman feel. She thought of him often, and loved hearing about RedHart when she could.

She had become a powerful Cleric by the time she heard a member of RedHart was starting a hospital near Wildkeep. She had just finished her time in the Wildkeep army and decided to visit the hospital. When she got there, it was still being built, but she thought she would lend a hand at healing those that came by.

One day, when Morgan was cleaning her armor, she turned around and almost stumbled over a grinning Suman. She hugged him, but this time, Suman had taken a deep breath in preparation. They spent the day talking about their adventures and eventually, Suman asked if she’d be willing to travel with them for a while. She eagerly agreed, with another suffocating hug.


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