Nancy of Whitecastle, aka Nancy the Beggar


Nancy is a somewhat attractive cleric of Diakris who comes from the town of Whitecastle near Wildekeep.

As a young child, she suffered from a serious injury to her leg and it had to be amputated. To make matters worse, the event that injured her leg also killed her parents, leaving her orphaned and no where to go. However, Nancy, turned out to be quite resourceful and managed to make a decent living as a beggar in the streets of Whitecastle.

Today, Nancy never passes a beggar without providing some sort of charitable gift and all the beggars in Celedon know her and love her. Further, she has made efforts to help others find their way out of poverty and has had several success stories. As a result of her background and her relationship with the street people of Celedon, Nancy has a wealth of information about the workings of Celedon.


RedHart first met Nancy in her home town of Whitecastle while she was working as a beggar. RedHart discovered that Nancy had been targeted by the local cult of Baphomet members for a ritualistic sacrifice. When RedHart approached her with this information, she offered to help, acting as bait. When the cult members kidnapped her, she helped provide a trail to RedHart who came and slew the cult members and rescued Nancy. Sadly, Nancy had succumbed to the horrors of Baphomet and lay in a coma.

RedHart took her to Lady Sinare and she was not able to help her. However, Lady Sinare suggested they ask Cynara, Servant of Diakris, Lady of the Tower in the North who advised RedHart of a means of reviving Nancy.

Nancy was then healed by Lady Sinare using a rescued holy item provided by RedHart and stayed with the temple of Diakris, learning the ways of being a cleric.

Nancy of Whitecastle, aka Nancy the Beggar

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