Renwick, Cleric of Taryn


Renwick is a young and somewhat inexperienced cleric of Taryn. He is the second in command at the temple in Newton serving under High Priest Storwyn of Valburn. He appears to work very hard to minister to the people of the town; however, he tends to be somewhat lackadaisical about some of his administrative duties.


RedHart met Renwick on two separate occasions. While investigating the cult of Baphomet, RedHart traveled to Newton to investigate the possibility of missing people who matched the profile of those kidnapped by the cult. While there, Serena, a Paladin of Taryn, wanted to visit the temple and the party met Renwick who was very accommodating.

Almost a year later, the party was once again investigating the cult and found clues that incriminated Renwick. After confronting Renwick, it appeared he was just doing the bidding of his superior, Storwyn. Fortunately, Renwick’s poor execution of his duties provided the clue RedHart needed to track down a major location of the cult.

Renwick, Cleric of Taryn

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