Righteous Vanguard



The Righteous Vanguard is an adventuring party who serves the House Goldhart. They are led by a Paladin of Diakris, Joseph Law, who is known for his holy warhammer, Justice. Traveling with Joseph is a female half-elf ranger named Eden Flame; a human wizard named Stravos Dar; a human cleric of Belin, Light Simmons; and a female halfling rogue (scout) named Flora Ghost.

The Righteous Vanguard is a well known party who has served the Goldhart house extensively fighting the denizens of the north and enemies of Celedon.


RedHart recently discovered that the Righteous Vanguard is missing, leaving RedHart as the only adventuring party currently working for the House Goldhart.

Righteous Vanguard

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