Rodney the Foolhardy


Rodney is a young man with disheveled dark hair and emerald green eyes. He is very strong and has lived his young life fishing the lake he has grown up next to. During his years, he has gained a reputation as a fiercely brave man who is willing to take any risk in order to help others around him. He has often been hurt in his foolhardy adventures, but manages to bounce back quickly.

He professes to love Amy, the daughter of the village elder, Hoarus Wright. Hoarus does not approve of Rodney, presumably because of his family lineage. Rumors abound about the whereabouts of his father, but Rodney will quickly tell anyone that his father died when he was a young man. Nevertheless, there are stories about his father and his reputation is very dark. Rodney’s mother is a acerbic, bitter woman, but Rodney would do anything for her.

He craves adventure and seeks to win the approval of Hoarus Wright and the hand of his love.


RedHart met Rodney when they investigated the appearance of some ghouls around the fishing village near Wellcliff. Rodney bravely offered to guide RedHart to the location. When the ghouls were discovered, Rodney rushed into battle, only to be killed by demons who were seeking to destroy RedHart.

RedHart decided to raise the valiant Rodney and equiped him with a magic broadsword and magic chainmail.

Rodney the Foolhardy

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