Sir Grant Bellows



Grant Bellows is a knight of Mangus Goldhart, II. He is an older gentleman who served faithfully under Mangus Goldhart, I and his son, the present Earl of Wildekeep. He initially was quite haughty, often showing disdain for the common folk. However, after undergoing some life changing events, he has been humbled and regrets his former attitude. Although he definitely shows his age, he is unafraid to wield his sword in defense of his Lord.


RedHart met Sir Bellows early on in their adventures. His daughter, Jasmine, had been kidnapped and he requested additional aid to find her. Although RedHart was unable to rescue Jasmine, they were able to exact vengeance on the people who kidnapped her and uncovered a dangerous cult in the process. Sir Bellows was very grateful for all that RedHart had done.

More recently, Sir Bellows saved Steven and Cynthia Goldhart from certain death when their father and mother, Harold and Adora Goldhart, were arrested as part of a conspiracy to assassinate the king. Sadly, he gave his life in defense of these children while fighting a powerful force of Duerger.

Sir Grant Bellows

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