The Throne of Celedon

Goblins, Goblins Everywhere

we just finished questioning the goblin and killed him at end of last session
we go down the hole and end up fighting a lot of goblins
gin dies and a caster and a rogue flees
we kill the rest
we drag gin’s body upstairs
we continue clearing the area
we loot everything
we rest

we travel to the bodies

we reclaim the bodies
and travel back

we get back to celedon
it starts to storm
we go straight to the temple to get them raised
we have an appointment with sinare in 4 days
we run into durion of renoth the cleric of all of the gods in an alley standing over a recently dead body who died from a wound to the next like serena died from
we meet durion for dinner
we stay in the inn for this night only
the night passes unevenfully

we travel to neuton and get there late at night
we speak to jared
he says that gregory was arrested by bauldor and gin’s father on charges of treason
we tell jared about the proof of the trying to assassinate him
we get a historian recommendation from jared
we rest

we go back to celedon

we get back to celedon and speak to the historian
al is an honorific that basically means king and the kings of corindor were known by that term
the dragon statue was a toy given to markus drake when he was young
we ask the historian to research the red gem and elven tattoo
we also ask him about the chronicler and he refers us to balthazar

The Cave - Part 2

1067 – 02- 27
we found two letters with the loot of the giant king
we look for secret doors in the throne room
after about an hour of searching, 3 giants comes in and get killed
we continue searching
we find a saphire and 500 gp in a chest in what looks like the king’s bedroom
we find weird goblins and kill them
we return to horses and find them butchered and 3 fled
we rest

we hide the loot we cannot carry
we bury the bodies
its very quiet
we sleep and night passes uneventfully

we go back into the cave
we go and kill 9 goblins and leave one alive for questioning
we question the goblin

The Cave - part 1

we find a place to camp
the night passes uneventfully

it warms up today
the hawk comes back in the morning
travel about half a day and find nothing
khidaj talks to the trees and find no information
we head back the way we came
the hawk finds us in the afternoon
the hawk said they went out for a while, did stuff, and head back to the cave
we head part of the way to the cave for two hours in the dark
we camp again
something happens that night
we get jumped by goblins
we move camp and sleep again

we get a late start
we continue heading towards the cave
we get to the ave in the early afternoon
the cave enterance is kind of hidden
we find small, medium, and large tracks
we buff and then go into the cave
we take out two goblin guards in stealthy silence
we continue on
the cave is big
we continue down a bit
we heard a noise
the dwarf yells goblins and charges them
the ranger follows
we get a four branch (left, left-s, right-s, and right)
the chase the goblins down the left-s tunnel
the goblins run in fear
we get to a big room and just down another short tunnel is a large cavern
the large cavern had a lurker above
we go back crossroads
we go to the left tunnel
we find a sign in giant that says ‘do not go any further’
we spread some chalk dust around
we go back to the main room
we check for tracks
most of the traffic goes through the straight right tunnel
there are no tracks on the tunnel with the sign
we go down the right tunnel which has less traffic
this tunnel averages about 10ft wide and appears natural
about 100 ft down, it goes straight or to the right
we check out the right tunnel
we find a 30 by 50 cavern with 15-20 ft ceilings
we go back to the split and go back the straight tunnel
we continue down and find a tunnel to the left or straight
the tunnel to the left is smaller
we see some small foot prints in the left tunnel and a nasty smell from the straight like an outhouse
at the end of the straight room and is an outhouse
we go down the little tunnel that was to the left
we have to squeeze in a couple of places
we get to a 50 by 70 cavern
the cavern has three tunnels
the tunnel to the right is small
the tunnel across is large
and the tunnel to the left is medium
we see tracks, most going to the big tunnel
we see some small tracks in the small tunnel to the right
we find rocks piled here and they look like they were placed to simulate a cave in
we go back to the previous cavern and go down the left tunnel
the left tunnel goes back to the first crossroads with the tunnel out and four tunnels
we go back to the cavern we just left and go down the big tunnel
this tunnel is about 15ft wide
we go about 50ft and find a medium tunnel to the left and a large tunnel continues straight
we go down the medium tunnel to the left
we find a real cave in
we go back and continue down the big tunnel
we get to a big cavern at the ned of the big tunnel and combat
there are two tunnels off this cavern
we see the orc mage who flew away at the end of the room

Cornering the Enemy

gregory has not drank anything at all and is watching everything
none of his men are drnk and are very prompt
he doesnt seem like a party guy
jared does drink and enjoys the party
we head back towards jared’s place
we camp for the night in the woods in a nice spot

we head back to jared’s place
we get there in the evening
they feed us a nice dinner
they provided entertainment via a wandering bard
we secure the room and sleep
the night passes uneventfully

the steward greets us in the morning and mentions that jared has not returned home yet
its a bit unnusual but not worrying yet
they feed us a nice breakfast
as lunch is being set out, we hear shouting from the courtyard
its hectic but not violence
we see a very tired guard who was sweaty and a bit bloody
we ask what is going
there apparently was trouble on the road back
the guard sad that they were attacked by men and orcs and they had a deadly sniper
by the time we get saddled up, the group just gets in the gate
they had three dead with them and the arrows were very accurate
renwick comes with other to assist by this point
jared tells us that he will speak to us after he gets cleaned up
eva and serena goes to help renwick with the injured while we wait
renwick does very well
we meet with jared rather quickly
we present the proof to jared
jared asks us to look into the orcs in the area
he also tells us that there is a dwarf who is trying to see him
also states that the dwarf will be instructed to come for an audience on the 19th
jared also asks us to be present at the audience as a show of strength
we visit the inn that evening
eva learns that there have been orgainzed “bandit” attacks between newton and dorfield
serena talks to a soldier who was in falak
we head back to the keep and sleep
it passes uneventfully

we get up
we go to investigate the closest sites of the bandit attacks
we find arrows showing that the ‘bandit’ attacks were orc attacks with between 5 and 20 enemies
we can tell that things are missing
the stores of the farms are empty meaning all of the food was taken
we get back in the evening
the night passes uneventfully

our presence is requested in the morning for the meeting
the dwarf comes in and refuses to leave his weapon at the door
he calls himself ferrous of rengar
he looks like a normal dwarf
he says that he and his companions were attacked by some duegar
he says that he has also found orcs that carry the markings of the blackblood clan
he says that he is here to kill orcs and duegar
he looks dishevealed
we head out to the last places the orcs have attacked after lunch
we try to pick up tracks
there appears to be about 10
the tracks are heavier leaving then coming
they are heading towards the hills
we set out towards them
we follow them to the foothills
we camp and it snows over night

we get up and its still snowing heavily
we do not find any clues

we set out
still snowing
we cannot travel much at this point

still snowing
cannot travel
the hawk sees some smoke
it starts to clear up over night

we are able to set out finally
khidaj uses a potion of fire breath and make good time
we continue traveling
the hawk goes out to scout and comes back saying he has seen people
we see smoke that evening
the orcs appear to be about a half a day ahead of us

the sun comes out
we decide to follow them instead of attack at disadvantage
the night is uneventfully

we can catch up to the orcs today
we arrange to catch them at an advantage to us
we take out everything but the wizardy one
we cut down an orc cleric that tried to run away

Finding the Dark One

we go to sinare
we get serena raised and updated her
we also asked her a couple of questions
we get ready to leave the city the next morning
we spend the night at the adventurer’s inn
we get a knock on the door from a koloxis demon
he wants us to find the chronicler aka, bathazar
he gives us a week to look

we pick serena’s headband and other gear
we go shopping
we leave the city toward the afternoon
we try to lose followers in the forest
suman sees something out of hte corner of his eye and throws a icy fireball
we find tracks leave the area and continue to follow them
khidaj manages to see that the rogue like person climbed a tree
khidaj and forward climb the tree after them
khidaj speaks to the tree and says that someone is up at the top
khidaj casts entangle on the area
we travel some more then camp without a fire

we train all day
we travel a little bit
we find a cave and we camp again
we find a really big spider in the cave
we clear the cave and its a safe place to stay
we continue training

we finish training

we set out to newton to look at renwick’s quarters
we get there in the evening
we look for people watching us or renwick’s house
we ask renwick to search his house
he says we can, and we find nothing
we go to camp in the woods
night passes without incident

we go to see jared in the morning
we tell him about not finding anything in renwick’s house
jared tells us that a great assassin is after us
he then explains how we are to get a look at gregory’s room at the party

we arrive at the castle for the party
we come dressed in courtier clothing
we send khidaj and forward to look search the room
they are made invisible and status’d
when go to the room, forward sets off a trap and falls out a window, but still gets to their room
they find a secret room behind a bookshelf in gregory’s room
they find 4 chests
they all have traps but three are not set
the unset ones are empty
the 4th chest has ~300 gp after being opened
there is nothing magical in the room and the books are boring books about the history of the godwins and their towns (like tax records)
forward comes to tell us what he finds
we tell him to look for the hidden room in the hidden room
he and khidaj go back
they find a 2nd secret room
in the room is a table with a chest
there are also a stack of bolts of really rich cloth – looks like the same material as those used in the ritual robes in the evil temple
he finds a statue of a snake
when the chest is touched, the snake statue starts to move
eva and suman come to renforce khidaj and forward when attacked by the snake
suman tries to distract the guard outside the room with a ghost sound, but the guard calls for another guard
the snake kills forward

Decisions, Decisions...

we exit the tunnel
we go back to the temple of terryn
we speak to renwick
renwick calls for aprentices and they take of of eva and dessa’s body
we tell renwick about the temple and storwyn
we ask him to send a letter to jared for us
we ask him several questions
we rest for the night at the inn

we go back to ask renwick questions
we ask him about people who worked on the temple
jack, one of the builders, walks up as we are talking
there were dwarves who assisted in the building
they called themselves ‘grey dwarves’
they worked with stone
we head to celedon

we get there in the evening and it is colder today
snow begins to fall
we stay at the inn
we heal up full
i wake up a full day after having the blood washed off

we ask to see here first thing in the morning and she is available the 22nd
we go shopping (8 days to get all of our stuff)

we go to see sinare
we speak to her and she remembers meeting storwyn at some social event
we tell her the story of what happened in the temple
we show her the letter and tell her about what we found
she suggests that we try to identify the dark one and those who are mentioned in the prophecy
we go back to the king’s head inn

we start training

we hear a knock on the door
we open the door and it is jared
he apepars like he has been traveling hard
he said that he suggested renwick and gergory suggested storwyn
he also says that gregory suggested the temple
he finally said that gregory and storwyn managed the building of the temple while jarred traveled to a number of locations
jarred asks us to search gergory’s room
there is going to be a founder’s day party at the keep and we are to try to search the room at that time
we tell him that we will look in renwicks room on the 4th
we make an appointment to speak with sinare on the 3rd

khidaj and serena are in a bar that evening and a pretty girls approaches
she seems more interested in serena then kidaj
the woman is very pretty and calls herself Erin

khidaj, serena, and forward go to the bar that night
erin spends most of the time speaking to serena
serena leaves the bar with erin on the excuse of cookies
khidaj and forward follow stealthily
when they get to erin’s “father’s shop” they duck into an alley after seeing a light in the bakery
serena gets assassinated
khidaj loses the trail

we go to sinare
we get serena raised and updated her

we plan to ask her about jared

Evil temples suck

still in the dungeon
we set the trap on the door to the hall with cells
we lock and cast a rope trick in the bedroom used for storage
we hide in the storage room and rest behind a silent image wall
we spend an hour planning this trap
after two hours of resting, we hear the snare go off
we hear about 5 people in the other room
we wake up the paladin
the sounds go away and the door opens a bit later
a guy checks the room and leaves
two hours latter the bone devil attacks then flees
we enter the sanctuary, see people and pull back
we go back in and people are gone but two wooden constructs attack
we take them out and go to a room with two hazy areas things
the things are two gates and dessa deactivates them
they turn into small piramids – one goes to underdark and one to hell
we start exploring
we find several nice rooms, some empty some lived in but emptied
the nicest room we have seen was ransacked before we got there
we finally open open the secret door by pushing two buttons on the pedestals the constructs came from
we go into the room but its silenced and we find the high priest
the bone devil also comes in
dessa dies
eva walks into blood and passes out
the scimitar turns into an awesome weapon after hitting the high priest
gintari is charmed to protect the cleric
kidaj was almost compelled into attacking forward, but then saved
forward stepped out of the room and cast lightning bolt on the cleric
forward tries to use the scroll of summon monster but fails
kidaj and gintari spend a lot of time under charm person
we get hit with several channel negative energy
suman closes the door, heals forward who just dropped, and closed the door
serena is in a corner and blocked by an ice wall
suman and forward try to drag eva away
gintari almost died
kidaj manages to wake up and takes out the cleric
the bone devil flees
we find the treasure room
we find a second roam with clothes, money, and letters
the letters make it seem like this place really wasnt complete
we find one letter addressed to the dark one that refers to a task that the high priest is not willing to do and also refers to their liege
we eventually find a secret door with a long tunnel that exits

A dark and evil place

still in the dungeon
suman and forward have a very cool deception of a cleric we found
we are jumped by a bone devil
we find a empty karval torture room
we find the inner temple

What lies below?

late evening
Forward is in the high priest storwyn of valburn room
forward finds a decorative dagger with a jade fox in pommel
also finds a letter from baron gregory godwin saying good luck with the temple
forward also thinks he can disable the trap without having the ring if he could actually get to it

we sleep until lunch time
we rest during the afternoon and enter the temple around 2:30 in the morning

we enter the temple before dawn
khidaj found an exceptionally well hidden panel with a button behind it
the door in the floor is much more noticeable
forward thinks he disabled the trap
since the door popped up slighly, we pushed on the door and it easily slid down and away
the door is a very intricate and mechanical contraption
we put the room back as well as we can and go down the stairs
there is a lever by the bottom of the stairs, two fountains, and a door
the fountains are very nice but have a thick red liquid instead of water and there are murals on the walls
next to the fountains are a lot of red candles
there are four murals – the first is of bephomat and people bowing before him, the second is anthropomorphic goats, the third is humans with goat heads, and the forth is of a plane of hell
there are two messages that say the same thing in infernal, “there is power in blood”
the ceiling is decorated
the lever opens and closes the trap door thing
we open the door further into the dungeon
as soon as it opens, we hear a gong
we see a long hallway that has two doors close to us and end futher down in a t intersection
we hear nothing at either door and then check them for traps
after checking the doors, we get a fireball to the face and combat starts
we barely manage to get down the hall

Back to Celedon

we also recieved a letter from gintari’s father stating that he is working as part of a mercenary troop under king blackwood
jared said he would vouch for us and claim that we swore to him
jared asks us to join him for dinner
the dinner is very good food
jared goes around and speak to the people
jared asks us to stick around a little bit becuase he has recieved some disturbing news

it starts to snow today
we go starting
its starts to have very heavy snow in the evening
by the end of the day, there were 3 feet of snow

for the next 3 days, we are basically snowed in

the weather starts to clear

we spend several days to get our stuff togeather and to find magical items
we also go to bren and try to get Mangus Goldhart raised but it failed
bren says that mangus’ soul was bound

we set out from wildkeep for celedon

we arrived at celedon
we manage to speak to the high priestess sinare immediately
we also speak to nancy
she tells us that the person voted against the guild of mangus voted with ‘their’ heart
she tells us that there has been no missing people who miss the pattern in the last 3 or 4 months in the city
she also says that is appears that none are missing in the pattern westerhold or woodmere
we tell sinare about how jared has been and she says he always acted nice but she still doesnt trust him
we rest for the night at the king’s head (the adventurer’s inn)

kidaj and i go to visit bathazar
we find that the shop he used to be in is boarded up
we break in and find that the shop appears to be partially empty but a lot of things that are left are burned
we decide to look into a source of 15k gp diamonds that would be used in the ritual
we head to the jewelry district of the merchants square
the rest stay outside while eva and suman look for a place to buy the diamonds
we find that only two stores sell that level of jewelry
both shops say that they have never done anything like that diamond
we try the same type of investigation about the bowl and horn
we find that none have made the bowl or horn and were were even advised against using obsidian in that type of item which would make it memerable
we return to the inn
suman goes on his date

serena and eva look for a seller of soot from hell or mane of dieased lion and we do not find it
suman goes on the lunch with his girlfiend’s father
suman gets a tip on the third shop

we check out the third shop
he says he hasnt done it but would love to try
suman checks the other two people who could have done it and they havent done it

we speak to the zoo keeper
he says a while ago they found two cheetahs missing hearts and chimpanzee’s missing brains
we think the deugar probably got the diamonds and other rare things that could be mined

we go to the galloping unicorn – the ranger and the rogue go in but the rest of us stay out of town
they says that they have information about us
the innkeeper says that they would need to wait

we wait 3 days

the two are apporached by a man
the dude says that info on us is 500gp a head payable after death
the dude leaves abrumptly them as soon as they ask what crime they commited
they were unable to follow him
we regroup

we get back to celedon
we look for places to buy the common ingredents

the 6th place we go to mention a guy who bought a ton of the common ingredients
he says the man who bought it was renwick, a cleric of terryn from newton
we tell nancy about our lead
we set out for newton

we get to newton and head to the temple
we speak to renwick
renwick says that storwyn of valburn, the high priest here, asked him to do it
he says that the high priest storwyn has a ‘skin condition’ who is a half elf, clean shaven, older, 70s yo, experienced, has some very high level spells, occasionally have visitors who seem to be a fair number of dwarves
renwick says that the dwarves who visit him are kinda dark or greyish
renwick says that jared was mostly out of the country when the temple was built but gregory visited often
jared is the benefactor of the temple and is a great ruler
jared came regularly when he was in town
we as for a tour of the temple
its pretty small
he shows us where storwyns quarters are
there is a small outbuilding where the infirm, traveling followers of terryn, and the initiates stay
the last time storwyn was here was maybe two weeks ago
storwyn is the only person who has quarters within the temple
storwyns skin looks leathery and redish
forward is able to break into the temple that night
he is able to get into the room
he finds the outlines of something that can open under a rug
it appears to be trapped to go off if you try to open it
it looks like it needs a special ring to use as a key


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