The Throne of Celedon

Pembroke Ruins

we look around the ruins of the castle
we head to another tower, and run into more enemies
we take a dark looking dwarf captive
we go a few hours away to camp and rest in the wilderness
we try to interigate him, but we do not speak the same language
we heal up and then rest

we go back to the ruins and fight some more
we killed the horned guy and get a lot of loot
we burn it down behind us
we have a note when we get back to the inn in the evening that had been there for 3 days
the note is from jared godwin – its about the activity at the pinbrook ruins
something happens on serena and suman’s watch
gin wakes up with 2 daggers to her throat
kalu arkua – is the drown
the drow proposes an alliance against the deugar
bouldar, the dwarf at blackwood, has a bounty on our heads
she goes invisible and disappears

the city is packed
the puzzle box of celadon – its where the kings will is stored
the will is read and names earl cowan blackwood to be the next king of celadon
mangus goldhart appears shocked
blackwood acts gracious
mangus tells us not to leave town, he needs to speak to us, cant speak to us right away
we leave a note with high priestess that we want to speak to her

we go to speak to jared in the morning
we tell him honestly what happened

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

we return to the inn

we leave a note with the high priestess about the divine focus
we talk to all of the guard posts about missing persons
we find that 4 sets are missing
takes most of the day to check with the guard posts

early in the morning we get a messager with a note from jared godwin invitng us to dinner
we leave notes with goldhart and high priestess
we go to the family we saved and get nice clothes for the dinner
the feast is amazng and jared was a little late
jared says he longer thinks we are part of the cult and he says gergory wishes that he could be here to apologize in person
he seems very sincere

not much going on

we keep appointmet with high priestess
we inform her of what is going on
we get our stuff togeather to travel to newton

we leave in the morning
we travel to newton ueventfully
we get to town in the evening
we stay at the screaming goblin inn
serena hears two rumors, a giant bear killing livestock and dwarves at the pinstock ruins
suman hears that earl thorburn is convinced that he will be king
eva hears that the duke ray will be king and that blackwoods new second in command, the dwarf, is the greatest dwarven fighter ever, name bauldor
the chicken pot pie is really good

we go looking for the sherriff
we get a sense that he is not very comptitent
there seems to be at least 3 people missing, but hard to tell since it a quickly growing town
2 of the missing were exception in some way
one person is just disappears 3-4 days ago
we visit the new temple of teryn
its rather small

we look for information on the bear rumor and the ruins
the bear rumors are mostly to the west
the ruins are to the east
we head out to the bear area
we find someone who say it and told us exactly where they saw it
we rest in the inn

we head towards the ruins
as we get closer, there is some talk about dwarves at the ruins
we find overgrown roads and random rocks in cleared space
we make our way onto a large rise with difficult to climb cliff
we get attacked by duguar and lemurs at the ruins
it looks lived in for a while

we need to search, loot, and rest next session

Off To See the King

we finish resting

we flag down a ship and pay 6gp +1gp tip for passage
nancy is stored in captain quarters
the captain is a woman – Celeste
we and the family sell the owlbear eggs to the captain for 500 gp each
First Mate is a man – Ray
we eat dinner with the captain and we plus the family talk and drink all night

gintari attacks a drake that flys by
we get fireballed a few times and it gets away
eva thinks we are about to have a blizzard and tells the captain
it gets colder
we have to help over night
it snows and the boat get stuck in ice

the captain calls us on the morning and asks us to disembark
we persuade and bribe the captain 200gp into allowing eva to speak to the passenger
the passenger is balthazar
i work to distract him with the going ons with the cult and with the book, as he wants the family we saved thrown off the book
bathazar talks about the ritual
it is normally only used with one or two attributes
there is a possiblility of making a golem like creature

nothing happens for several days

we make it to celeadon uneventfully on the ship
Celeste offers to show us around the town
we drop the family off at their shop
we go to the temple of Diakris
Serena is reconized as a paladin and thanked for her service
the high priestess of Diakris is the elf Sinare Torrent
we are schedule for a meeting to speak to Sinare Torrent on the 17th at 10am

we go shopping

meet with Sinare Torrent
her rooms are astere
Sinare Torrent is blind with replacement eyes
her hair is silver hair and striking features
her deameanor is very deliberate
she says to be careful to not jump to conclusions
it could be several days or a week

pretrain (4 more days for everyone to be able to level to 5th)

weather has gotten warmer
we prep for our audiance with the king
the king is very old and Earl Cowan Blackwood is standing next to him
the king appears to be sharp
we are asked to retrieve the boy so the king can speak to him
we get ready to leave the next day
we seak to the high priestess

we set out for whitecastle

we get back to whitecastle
the first stop is to sir grant bellows home, which is burned to the ground
the second stop is to the mayor’s keep
the mayor says grant is staying with him, but is out today
sir grant bellows was brought back from the dead and his wife and son died
we go to the red lion inn and eat biscuits

we go back to the mayor’s keep
sir grant bellows is back – he loks very haggard but comes up and hugs us
grant’s younger daughter is left with the mayor
grant bellows leaves with us on a heavy warhorse
we head back to celedon

we get to back to celedon on exactly the 3 week mark
we are staying at the king’s head inn
there seems to be a great amount of activity and a large amount of horn blast
we learn that the king died on 18th and he will be buried on the 28th
we go straight to the high priestess
grant hugs Sinare when we get to her
we tell her that we will look into it

pretrain for 4 days (now ready for level 5)

we try to speak to mayor harold goldhart
we get an audiance with earl mangus goldhart
we give the sword to mangus and he warns us to beware of the godwins
we tell him that we are looking into the possibility of cults for the high priestess
we go to the police substation in the poorest district to ask after missing people
the sheriff at the station suggests that we speak to Craig Benhill, he is in charge of missing persons
we go grab some food and head back to the station
we speak to Craig Benhill
he says a couple of months ago ~6 months, a series of 6 people disappeared and they were all extrodinary, and they went missing towards the end of the month, the 2 that he has exact dates for were on the 28th, the last was taken 3 months ago
it was 12 people, with 2 missing at the same time
we tell him where we are staying and ask him to contact us if he thinks of anything else
there is a note for me when we get back to the king’s head inn that night
its is probably a note from ‘B’ at the address in the shop district

we dress us in plain travelers clothes and head to the shop
we take all kinds of precautions after seeing a follower
bathazar says he translated the book and asks if i know the kharval
you can get rituals are used to steal the attributes of others at a horrific cost
the book describes how to create the kharval
kharval are a type of goat man that are like a devil and like a construct
they are very resistant to spells and are extrodinarily powerful
their base attributes are very good and are improved upon by the sacrifice
they are humanish with a goat head
the kharval are extrodinarily powerful and will most likely kill us
the kharval could easily defeat a bearded devil with much effort
2 kharval are even more dangerous

middle of night, still talking to balthazar
balthazar says that a greater restoration will do it, but it needs a greater divine focus and he will research it (we should ask the Sinare about this too)
the kharval was probably destroyed when we interuptted the cerimony
the soul is bound to the earth and becomes a tool for the kharval, so it is no longer living but not quite dead
kharval would need silver, good, adamintine weapon

Investigation Wrap-Up

burn the cave down
travel all night and into the morning

make it back to town and speak to bellows
we leave nancy with bellows
grant bellows calls for jim and jim heals us
we go eat breakfast
we go to visit the mayor, but wait for a while
we report to the mayor and then he tells us gregory wants to speak to us
we return the ring to herold goldhart
we go speak to gegory and jared
we get interigated by gergory
we are ‘escorted’ back to grant bellows
the guards tried to take the girl
we are told not to leave town
we stay in the inn and attacked in the night
we are notified by a servant of bellows that he was attacked and we need to take nancy to the capital and see the high priest of the lawful good god and recieve a very nice gem for
we take nancy and flee

we flee towards whitekeep before heading towards celedon
we poorly hide our tracks towards whitekeep

we decide to head towards the river – 4 days

we come across a group of wagons being attacked by 3 owl bears
we bury the dead and make a new camp for survivors
we rest

we go hunting owlbears
we kill the mother and got loot
we go back to camp
camp there for a second day

we travel all day
we get to the river in the evening
camp at river

we walk down the river bank towards celedon
we only see 1 boat that day but they ignore us
we get attacked that night by dwarves that went invisible and enlarged

An Unholy Sacrifice

standing by the oak
continue back to town with the group
bak to the red lion inn

clear cold day
eat breakfast
go to cleric
reaquired the stone
tells cleric what happened when they get captured
cleric suggests that we talk to Balthazar in wildekeep
he can be found in arcane district, mention clerics name, keep our comments to ourself
we go back to the red lion inn to look for the kid
the inn keeper gives us a missive
missive is an invitation to speak to visiting noble
we go to the mayor’s keep to visit the noble, baronet jarrod godwin
Bronson noticed that Jarrod Godwin never got drunk
have a party

eat breakfast
set out to wildekeep

report in to peter the guard captain
Gin thought she saw someone who was in whitecastle the day before
we travel the temple district to get info
we trap the woman who was following us and leave her with the guard captain
we go to Balthazar’s
the store is unaturally dark with many oddities
Baphomet is an archduke of the infernal planes who wishes to be a god and was once a simple pit fiend that led legions against the tenari
Baphomet and his worshippers seek power
Balthazar wants the book that we saw on the altar
go back to inn

check with guard captain
travel back via carriage
go to jim the cleric

ask Jarrod to keep an eye out for jim’s safety
speak to bill
start looking for the kids
found mark the kid
graham is not the leader but acts like he is
mark was supposed to look for us
mark knows more then they think he should
mark was supposed to keep an eye on us, fred (CON), and nancy
we take the kid and jim to sir Grant Bellows

we find bill
we tell him that fred and nancy are next
nancy is a beggar, rather successful one
nancy offers herself as bait

our plan –
use nancy as bait
send fred on an errand to wildekeep
sir Grant Bellows keeps mark the kid under wraps and hide the cleric
be obvious in our search

skipping ahead

we hide in nancy’s suggested hiding hole
nothing happens during the day
at night, we see some people walking around
1 man and 2 women – one woman was the sister that was the ‘sister’ of jeff, aka the blessed one
the three kidnap nancy – nancy is bagged and appears to be unconscious
we follow successfully
we charge into the cave when we hear screaming

Hidden Horrors

snow starts to fall just as we kill off goblins around noon
we decided to make a nice camp
around 6pm, a man and a woman come walking up
we hail them
we invite them to camp and the man jeffery heals serena
Jeffery says the woman is his sister brenda

we find a small trail and make our way to a small cottage
we get no answer to a knock, so we break in
we search and find the the place is cloaked in illusion to hide the symbols and blood
we find a cellar door hidden under a rug
suman and i flee after the other 3 go down
we travel to bren’s to ask for assistance
the captured ones get teleported to brens house after bren asked the glowing woman for her favor

we travel back to town
go to jim the cleric
sorcerer is cured for the price of a favor
the note looks like it is in goblin and there should be someone in the keep who speaks goblin – gavin

we find gavin in the keep – he is a magic user and an advisor to the mayor
they want to take the note to read
we get a translation of the letter from gavin
its an agreement to protect the tower in exchange for money
we then go to sir bellows – we get a letter from him for the mayor when we ask for assistance to destroy the evil house
we go to mayor’s house
we are quickly seen by the mayor
mayor lost his ring
the problem is most soldiers are already off to war
the three are outfitted again but the mayor asks for payment when we can afford it

when we ride out, the house is burnt out

we split off by the old oak tree before going down the other path

A Sinister Evil

Return to Town
Eating Dinner at Red Lion Inn, meet Suman
Went to check out the mythical malt shoppe
Saw a charismatic young man

Returned to Temple to speak to Jim the Cleric
Jim said the stone reminds him of Jaydal
Jim says he will go to wildkeep and look up more information and will return on the ninth
Talked to bill
Bill given symbol to watch for
Bill thinks brett might have made pets disappear
brett often goes missing for about a week
graham doesnt spend much time in town
we find brett in front of his hut
branson gets into a fight with brett
i have to heal him after he got knocked out by branson
we question brett but he still lies to us
following Brett

following Brett
Brett died and appears to be killed by goblins
follow the goblin tracks

following goblin tracks
still tracking them at night

head back to town

made it back to town
eats breakfast
talks to jim the cleric
the stone is a symbol of baphomet (bef-o-met), a high ranking devil, closely associated with jaydal, he was involved with ritualistic things that steal power
talk to bill
eat lunch
tells claire that brett is dead
checking in with Sir Grant Bellows
dinner at red lion inn
mark never shows at the malt shoppe that night
harry (cha) and fred (con) was there
found joy

sorcerer and fighter are feeling ill
a entorage of nobility rides into town, jerad godwin (brother of gergory godwin)
we make our way to tower after borrowing horses from the sheriff
the road is old and overgrown

get to the tower in the morning
tower is crawling with goblins and we attack and kill most, 3 flee
got loot

634 silver
platimum motif ring – 522GP value (needs appraise)
brett’s stuff
bag of 50 silver
gold ring with stag
find a map
magic warhammer

A Missing Lady
Session 1 - 11/22/2014

(as i was writing this, i realized i couldn’t remember your guys PC names…)

1066 NCR Chellosine 1
Peter the Guard Captain informs Gin that she is being sent on a mission while the rest of the guard moves out. He gives Gin a letter of introduction and instructs her to find a couple of people to assist her in looking for the missing daughter of Sir Grant Bellows in Whitecastle.

Gin recruits her paladin friend first, then Eva, who suggests that the monk would be a good addition. The group takes the provided carriage to Whitecastle. They arrive late that evening and stay at the Red Lion Inn in the merchant district. They learn nothing of interest from the inn keeper.

1066 NCR Chellosine 2
They wake up and eat breakfast (amazing biscuits) before setting out to speak to the Sheriff.

From the sheriff:

  • no evidence of foul play
  • she might have ran away from her father
  • her best friend was Cecilia Goldheart (the mayor’s daughter)

The group goes to the home of Sir Grant Bellows and speaks to him and his family. They learned:

  • Jasmine Bellows – went missing between lunch and supper on 1065 Oberine 28th, last seen wearing a purple dress with flowers, 15 years old, an exceptional dancer
  • Sir Grant Bellows – definitely status conscious and very proud
  • Lady Miriam Bellows – Wife of Grant Bellows
  • Brent Bellows – Older brother of Jasmine, 17 years old, very similar to his father in mannerisms and personality
  • Siera Bellows – younger sister of Jasmine, 13 almost 14 years old
  • Fredric – the dance teacher, has lessons almost everyday, runs the theater in town
  • Cecilia Goldheart – best friend of Jasmine
  • Jim the Cleric – performed a divination stating that Jasmine was still alive and foul play was used

The next stop was the mayor’s keep where they spoke to Cecilia Goldheart.

  • Cecilia recognized Jasmine as an acquaintance not a best friend
  • Cecilia sees her about once or twice a month

They then spoke to Fredric the dance teacher

  • He taught Jasmine for free because he considered it a privilege
  • He vaguely remembers that someone else went missing but the name of Rebecca

spoke to Jim the Cleric

  • confirmed that the divination he preformed stated that Jasmine was alive and foul play was used
  • said that a family a month or so back came in to pray for the the return of a missing daughter
  • the family could only spare a single copper, so they were from the poor area

went to an inn on the common side of town, met Joy after asking about missing women

  • Joy – friends with Claire, provided information about a murder, and two other missing people, also directed us towards bill, talked about seeing Kevin’s body and how it was mutilated
  • Claire – mother of Kevin, works as a dishwasher at the red lion inn
  • Kevin – was killed about 4-6 months ago, body was mutilated in a satanic fashion
  • Steven – very strong young man, went missing a month before Rebecca, never found
  • Rebecca – very smart young woman, went missing a month before Jasmine, never found

Returned to Sir Grant Bellows’ Home

  • Craig – wrote a love and apology letter to Jasmine, which she had hidden in her room
  • Siera told us that Jasmine

spoke to Claire at red lion inn

  • Brett – Claire thinks he killed Kevin, troublemaker

1066 NCR Chellosine 3

spoke to paul and phil and bill

  • Bill – the only sheriff deputy that pays attention to the poor side of town
  • Paul -
  • Phil -

went to the mythical malt shoppe where the teenagers hung out
spoke to fred, craig, and renee
confirmed our information

1066 NCR Chellosine 4

traveled out to the canyon
saved a dog and was attacked by wolves
met Bren, a mountain man whose considered the dog matthew to be family
bren owned the land
he found the body of Kevin
also found a stone with a satanic carving on it that was never collected by the sheriff
stone had a moon phase drawn on it that corresponded to tonight
went to the canyon
set up watch from top of canyon as that had a very good view
saw a light about 3-5 miles away between 11:30 and midnight (corresponded to apex of the moon)

1066 NCR Chellosine 5

woke up after keeping watch from canyon all night
spoke to bren
found that light was in land not claimed by bren
warned that spiders in the trees were over in that area
checked in on light that was spotted
found an alter surrounded by blood, the altar itself was clean
overwhelming feeling of creepiness for the area

Pic of the notes since i have not had much of a chance to finish updating this stuff.


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