The Throne of Celedon

Meeting the Archdruid

we are still in the clearing with corinthia
it is evening
we ask corinthia about the druid falkar
she says that he sometimes called the forest the fake forest
the druid only comes on occasion
she says that he is an arch druid
she asks that we tell him that we are her envoy
he is currently north of corinthia and she cannot give us a more precise location
he travels with an animal companion tiger
she says that he is an older elf
we decide on normal rest

the kids love this place
elenor stayed home but the pixie celeste is with us
we leave the horses
the forest to the north is the opposite of the south
the night is uneventful

we continue traveling north
its getting close to dinner and we hear a roar
we reach another clearing and there is an elderly elf with a tiger in the clear
we see four more orbs
3 are cast aside but one is on the pedestal
the druid falgar is very nonflashy clothing
we barely persuade him but he agrees to allow this to be good to balance out other evil places
we stay for dinner
the night passes uneventfully

we get back to corinthia uneventfully
she gives us an ioun stone as a reward
we rest for the night

we train to 8th level

we are ready to set out
corinthia leads us out of the gnostrol woods via a gnothole in the giant oak tree
it is mid 40s when we get outside

we travel for a week
nothing happens

we travel for 5 more days

we begin to reach the mountains we see off to the west
we see a lone individual traveling without a horse
the traveler is a former scout of wildkeep tracking orcs who killed the rest of his unit
he told us that the exceution of magus was delayed to helegine the 5th
dessa says that is rumored to be jaydal’s holy day

we continue traveling
it gets a bit warmer then normal
it gets hilly / mountainous

we get attacked by a flying basalisk
we kill it but lose two horses
we go back to its cave
we get some loot, but find tunnels in the back of the cave
we leave the horses in the cave, and continue into the tunnels
we travel several hundred feet and at the first split, we go right instead of left
the ranger is scanning the tunnel as we go
we find another split and it sees to go backwards or we could continue forward
after getting through the parralel section, we come to another two way split
we found several bits of bones and armor that appear pitted or old
we check for more tracks
im not going to track tunnels at this point, but we contine to paths and corroded stuffs
we find a black puddling and defeat it
khidaj loses a crossbow and gets his armor and weapons damaged
we stop at the loot after the black pudding

Cleansing the Woods

a human man and dessa come up first thing in the morning
we follow the redcaps back but will divert to drop the horses off with corinthia

forward wakes up extremely thirsty
we make it to corinthia’s that day
i cast remove curse on both forward and elenor
we speak with corinthia

we set out from corinthia in search redcaps
we make it back to the tracks for the red caps
we can still see them

we follow the trail for the redcaps
we find an area where they avoid
the area is ‘fenced’ in hanging heads of dead fey
we investigate the fence and forward ducks in and runs into three creatures
they look like bald elves with big claws and bark-like skin
nick saw forward sneak off and not long after, we heard the sounds of a very short battle
we head closer as a group minus forward
we take out the three evil fey and the trees revert to normal
we look for their camp and get their loot
we go to rest

suman wakes up thirsty
we continue following the redcaps tracks
we sleep but are woken up during third watch by a sound of marching
we flee
forward sneaks up behind them invisible and learns that the redcaps are here unwillingly
we find out that elenor has a creepy orb
we stop to rest again

the rest of our third attempt goes without event
we head back towards corinthia
we run across the sounds of another gorup of redcaps and we avoid them
we try to rest but suman casts another iceball
we press on throughtout the night

we get to corinthia
she says that it is a stone of curruption
corinthia removes curse on both elenor and suman
elenor tells corinthia that she say the druid fulgar before finding the orb
corinthia requests that we speak to the druid fulgar

The Gnostrol Woods

after speak to corinthia, we decide to rest before setting out
she sends a pixie called Celeste to act only as a guide

corinthia tells us that the forest extends forever
corinthia suggests that bren sounds like a spirit of the land but they should be long gone
we head back towards the clearing where we found all of the dead animals
towards the end of the ‘day’, suman sees a dancing female that is scantily clothed with golden hair and has elven features and is very bueatiful
she is called elenor, we try to question her about any evil in the forest
she says she doesnt know anything but wants to come along and help
Elenor travels with us
we stop to rest for the night and we have not yet reached the clearing

a number of the trees have been tapped and bleed
some have hatchet marks and other have been chopped down
a lot of damage have been done
Celeste is very sad over the damage
Elenor does like the damage either and thinks that we need to do something
we get to the clearing
nick says that there are a lot of tracks here
we were split on whether to track the group or where they came from
we rolled and decided to see where they came from
the night passes uneventfully but suman is facinated by elenor

we continue to travel
during the middle of the day, we find another set of tracks crossing the path we are following
these new tracks appear to be heading west and are newer then the old ones
the tracks appears to be small unshod humanoid tracks
and appear to have been made the day before
we rest for the night
elenor does not dance that night

we continue to follow the tracks
we get to a place towards the end of the day where the tracks just end
we decide to get off the tracks a couple hundred feet before we camp

suman wakes up feeling even worse so we drop a number of spells on him and he seems to feel better
the area where the tracks end is covered in tracks
they all seem have appeared over a period of several days and weeks
as we are standing there, we see a shimmering portal appear
we take out 3 troll like things called darkspawn
after taking them out and searching, 3 tree thingys that controlled 3 trees appeared after 20 minutes and we decided to flee
we double time it away and try to make a hidden camp
elenor takes third watch

i cast remove curse and remove disease on both nick and elenor

A Somber Start

i missed last session

we get Gin back via an elemental stype resurrection

we complete training for 7th level

Nick goes to town and gets stuffz

we leave bren’s land with 3 small children and two teens

the day passes uneventfully but that night…
in the middle of third watch, an orc army comes within several miles
we obliterate most of the scouting force, but several get away
we lose several bits of our tent, but we got everything else ok

we are skirting around the hills
three hill giants attack and we lose two horses but get a lot of loot and a note
the note basically says the giants and the orcs are to seek out vunerable groups to attack

we see in the distance we see a darkish dragon flying in the sky and it was not above the mountains

we are in a clearish plains type area with a lot of trees
we hear something large in the trees

we make it to the river
we go upriver

we find a place that we might be able to ford the river

we find another place to ford
suman enlarges the horse the kids ride to assist in their checks
we are now in the other side of the river

we see three humans/humanoids on foot
one of the three approach us after putting up his bow, it appears to be a fair faced elf – he looks sort of like a wood elf
he talks to us in accented common
the other two are men of the same elven race
the one who approached us offers us escort service
Tarrent is the head elf who escorts us
he says we are being shadowed by 20ish
some of the elves come in and they start cooking food
all of them are very friendly and they often
Tarrent tells us where we are going is the Gnosterl Woods
Tarrent tells us that the woods have been infiltrated with an evil lately

the air is getting cool
the river is not huge but is still moving and we have reached some plains and we see a grove of 20 trees
they leave us at the edge of the woods after saying goodbye
we camp at the edge of the woods

tarrent says that they are a nomadic tribe of ‘forest elves’
they are amazing archers, can fight, but prefer to avoid it if they can
we part ways with the elves in the morning
as soon as we enter the grove, we are suddenly in the middle of a forest
when we go in, it goes from morning, to bright twilight
the stars are very bright and the trees are very thick
we travel for about 3 hours
we find a spot where animals have been slaughtered
we also found a dead centaur
we also found a brownie – it appears to have defensive wounds
both the brownie and the centaur appear to have their blood drained
nick sees a lot of heavy small foot prints – they appears like steel or iron boots
there are a lot of tracks and they were clearly in the blood
as we travel, we hear a lilting laughter and a brook
the tempeture is comfortable and a lot of blooming plants
we get the sense we are being followed and we say out loud that we are looking for Corinthia Oakwood
Suman hears bits of the conversation and says again in sylvan that we are looking for her
we decide to camp for the night
the sleep feels like this is the best sleep we have ever gotten
we are very comfortable here

on the first watch, serna and suman see a humanoid with goat legs
they are approached by a faun
he offers to deliver a message to corinthia
he then plays a song and dances
the faun runs off
shortly after, he comes back with some other type of fey
the faun plays a slightly happer melody as we go with him
we come to a huge grove with a great oak in it
we see a lot of fey
corinthia has a great presense about her and is sitting on a throne that is almost built into the tree
she says that they are bound to friendship
she says she can keep the children safe, but she does not know for how long
evil has invaded
we are going to go after the evil

The Rush to Hegelyn

suman and nick go to leave and find two people watching the farmhouse
they take out the guards and head back to town
the other three head to the inn and run into the black company
We regroup at the black swan inn
we rest the night

eva goes to her aunt’s farm
serena visits her father’s house
nick prays at a shrine
gintari and suman head straight towards the rays

we all regroup at the waystation
suman did not get any good leads, but ran into a hooded figure and said they were being watched
as we are leaving the the waystation, a old beggar woman
she gives us a prophocey
a golden stag lies in a pool of blood
the blood flows in a river to the south flooding most of the world
over it stands a swine and a fox drinking from a nearly empty cup
at the horizon comes a dog and a ship to their aid
above them all stands two goat men with devilish eyes
near them stands a angry swords man with his blades sheathed
against them stands a lion and a bird with colorful feathers
above them circles a griffon deep in thought with a stone hammer

in the evening we run across a man who calls himself the marvilous marvin
he says
a devil comes out of the box and we have to kill it
marvin says that a hermit showed him the ‘trick’ of the box to sumon a nymph earlier today
we head into town
there are a lot more dwarves then normal
we go to the dancing dwarf inn
we try to get some gossip before we go to bed
the supposed mastermind of the attack on the king was a high ranking guardsman and was friendly with goldhart
there were documents in the guardsman room that implicated several other guardsman

the food is very spicy
we go to the temple of teryn
the temple of teryn is very marshal and practical, very blocky but still bueatiful
we request to see the duke and the priest sends us to high priest
the high priest is john waters
he says that he will try put a meeting togeather
we do some shopping

we get a note saying we can see him

we go see the duke
we find him hostile and say nothing
we go back to the temple and speak to the high priest
he says he has heard nothing about the family and fears them all dead
we go to leave the city and as we are getting our horses, a kid gives us a box and a note
the notes says go to the black sawn (aka buckees) and wait to be approached
the kid says some old man in a cloak and nice clothes gave the note to him

we arrive at the black swan uneventfully

we get a knock early in the morning to a young looking man in fine clothes baring a signet ring and calls himself baron bradford ray
he says that the duke does not really wnat a civil war
he says that the child is with an anonomus family in welcliff
the amulet prevents divinations but in a very short radius

I got 99 problems...

we go to the red lion inn and discuss our options over food
a young royal messenger comes to the door
we open the letter and it is from king blackwood
it says that the king kindly requests that we show up at the castle tomorrow morning
we get another letter from a beggar child
the letter from the drow and says we need to meet her at the dying orc at midnight
we get the beggar child to show us where the dying orc inn
i drop the package off at the temple for Sinare to keep it safe for us
suman goes on a date with a knight’s daughter
we go to the dying orc that night
the drow speaks to us after we leave the very busy inn
she says she has more information for us
we get information on bounties for our heads and infromation on the children and on the heads of a couple of other goldhart members

we are met by an escort outside of the inn to go see the king
we do not have to wait long and we are almost immediately brought into the throne room
the king wanted to make sure we were loyal
as we leave, we run into Nancy, who is now awake and has a new leg

we make the trip to Wildekeep uneventfully
we get to Wildekeep and get ambushed
we are silenced, we took out the barbarian and the rest flee
we find a servant of the castle
his wife is friends with one of the bodyguard’s (ignus) wife and they have heard nothing
suman and nick sneak off to speak to the wet nurse’s parents
they get infomation saying she fled towards the Rey’s about 3 weeks ago

What Lies Within

we rest

we hide our gear speerately from the horse and mule
we then proceed into the catacomb hole thingy
we keep going down into it
the lower we go, the more damage that the tunnels seem to have take from some random cataclysmic event
we come to a chasim
bronson goes across the giant rope with a silk rope
on the other side bronson runs into a spirit on the other side
the spirit said we have to lay his brethern to rest that were in the chas before we were allowed to enter the temple
bronson comes back across
serena gets lowered towards the bottom
the undead tornado starts moving torwards serena and we pull her back up
suman throws a fireball and its very effective
the undead tornado hides in a cubby down there
we head back to camp and start constructing our lift

we get back to the chasm with our makeshift lift
we go down and kill the undead tornado
we get some magical loot
we go back to the tunnel and bronson goes across the rope
bronson only takes the bone and the other stuff except the gold
we go back to the surface
we get back to camp and our horses are dead but our stuff is still there
we head to wintermere

we begin to see buzzards in the air
we go to where they are and find a lot of dead people and horses in a clearing with a single tree
the tree has white bark and seems different
we get attacked by the weird white tree
this sounds like it might be a dragon tree
we meet a ranger

We get to wintermere

Gintari’s father gets to town

a man from highlake comes into town
we were told that the entire family of goldhart was arrested for treason for the attempted assassination of the king
we also hear that one of the richest gem and metals mine was found in Folack (across the ocean)
we also hear that blackwood changed his own house guard – some new creatures that are magical beings

we leave for celedon

confirmation that all members of goldhart clan have been arrested
the king has replaced his royal guard with 5 karval by an ‘anonomous’ source
they found letters from goldhart on the body of the assassin
jared godwin has been appointed regent of wildkeep
the trial is being scheduled – jury trial of 6 (5 or 6 have to vote the same way)
the king is always serving on the jury
the high priestess of diakriss is on the jury

we get to celedon
we hear who is going to be on the jury – The King, The High Priestess, Margret Cornell, Gregory Godwin, Duke Davis Canard, Earl Bernard Fallhand
Gregory Godwin was promoted to earl and granted additional lands
Bernard Fallhand is seen as a joke of a leader
davis canard is the oldest serving noble
we go straight to the temple and told she will meet with us the next day

we meet with the high priestess Sinari Torrent
we give her the focus
she tells us that there was an assassiantion attempt on 06-21 and his personal guard bouldar slew the assassins
one of the assassins was known as a friend of goldhart
she says that many of the people who were supposedly involved were not that type of people
the high priestess says that mangus asks us to look in the status of his children and to hide them if any escaped capture
she says that he told us to talk to corinithia oakwood for safety of the children and other family members
the people are known to be free
baron goldhart supposedly escaped capture and is brother to mangus and is either escaped or slain
jennifer sorell was mangus’ aunt and is married into another family and is very old
calvin goldhart has been placed in house arrest and is mangus uncle and is very old
no one knows exactly what happens to the children and they need to be found
the other option would be to find evidence that would implicate blackwood in any of the occult type thing

An Abandoned Temple

we wake up at level 6

just keep walking just keep walking

Gintari tells us we are getting close to the ruins we want to go to where we can retrieve the divine focus for nancy
Bronson climbs a peak so he can scout the area
he sees a griffon and runs from it after getting a peak at what could be the ruins
we get attacked during first watch by 2 ettins and kill them
we almost lost bronson and were forced to use the special potion to save him

we continue towards the temple ruins and run into 3 orges
they get burnt by fireball before they can even get to us
we then get attacked by two dire wolves and 6 more orges
we clear them out and continue to the ruins
we get there in mid afternoon and decide to set up camp, becuase we have used a bunch of spells
as we are setting up camp, 6 orges come up from the hole in the ruins
we take out the orges but then an orge magi comes out to play
it comes to a draw and we go to camp farther away from the hole

To save a beggar

the town is much busier

not much happens

not much happens

we are at dinner and the waitress brings a drink for us all and was bought by a human woman dressed in black and sitting with 4 others
the waitress says that they are the black company
the woman who leads the black company is much more attractive then even we are
the woman stands up and introduces herself as Cyn, Cyn silvertongue and introduces the rest
she sings about the old king and the new king and names our group as redheart

nothing much happens for several days

we get a message from the high priestess that she can meet us tomorrow

we speak to the high preistess
she tells us to speak to her friend Cynara
Cynara has a deeper connection with diakris
she shows us where Cynara is – Cynara lives in a very high tower over the border to the north

not much happens

Mangus summons us
we dress nicely and go the the castle
we wait for hours and its almost dark before he can see us
Mangus says he send word to the righteous vanguard and has not heard back from them
we go back to the inn
we sneak out to see Balthazar

finish pretraining
we buy red and gold clothing
we head out to wildkeep

we get to wildekeep
there is a noticeable lack of people in Wildekeep
we go to the castle
we are quickly brought into the throne room and Mangus arrives quickly
Mangus tells us that the old king told us about a bastard drake, the son of a cousin

first day of travel toward Cynara

a greater basilisk wanders into camp and is killed

we set out to track a basilisk nest
we follow its trail and find some very small ruins
it looks like it might have been a small temple

we continue on the path to Cynara

we reach the area where Cynara’s tower should be
we find a large number of dead creatures
we eventually find a large tower, but it is very thin, like 10ft in diameter but 250ft tall
Cynara is a colossal wingless dragon
she eats the gem that the high priestess gave us
we are asked to wait while Cynara gets information

the dragon returns and asks us to come to the roof of the tower
the focus we use must be freed from evil
Cynara is a direct servant of diakris
we ask her if she knows where one would be

Cynara tells us about a temple of diakris that was overcome with evil a long time ago
in the temple is an artifact called the bone of saint juris
she asks that we tell the high priestess that Cynara sends her best and her loving wish always be with her
we head towards the temple

we are still traveling towards the temple
we run into giant gnolls and almost die

Pembroke Ruins

we look around the ruins of the castle
we head to another tower, and run into more enemies
we take a dark looking dwarf captive
we go a few hours away to camp and rest in the wilderness
we try to interigate him, but we do not speak the same language
we heal up and then rest

we go back to the ruins and fight some more
we killed the horned guy and get a lot of loot
we burn it down behind us
we have a note when we get back to the inn in the evening that had been there for 3 days
the note is from jared godwin – its about the activity at the pinbrook ruins
something happens on serena and suman’s watch
gin wakes up with 2 daggers to her throat
kalu arkua – is the drown
the drow proposes an alliance against the deugar
bouldar, the dwarf at blackwood, has a bounty on our heads
she goes invisible and disappears

the city is packed
the puzzle box of celadon – its where the kings will is stored
the will is read and names earl cowan blackwood to be the next king of celadon
mangus goldhart appears shocked
blackwood acts gracious
mangus tells us not to leave town, he needs to speak to us, cant speak to us right away
we leave a note with high priestess that we want to speak to her

we go to speak to jared in the morning
we tell him honestly what happened


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