Documents found in game

I. Letter Found in the Desk of Storwyn of Valburn:

Dark One,

As I have previously stated (on at least two separate occasions mind you), I will not be able to fulfill your request. You are completely correct, it is certainly within my capabilities to do so, but I am unwilling.

Although I recognize your authority, ultimately I serve Baphomet, not you. I am the high priest of this temple and have been blessed by our Dark Prince. As such, the decisions regarding this temple fall within my purview. I have already made this crystal clear!

Our liege has been very generous. As we discussed during construction, HE is the true benefactor of this temple. I certainly acknowledge your tireless efforts to bring this structure into fruition and realize the temple would not have been built if not for you, but his role was just as pivotal. Further, he arranged the alliance with the Duerger and their assistance has been invaluable. I believe he is a valuable asset and is now in a station which will allow him to serve Baphomet in a more grand manner. I will not see this undone.

You have been very generous in helping to fill our treasury with coin and valuable items alike, but this pales in comparison with what he has done financially. Further, he has promised much more and we are still in need of furnishings. Would you provide these things? You have already failed to provide the promised initiates and novices. What about this cleric from Renoth you have spoken about? Where is he?

I appreciate everything you have done and will continue to do in the name of our Dark Prince. I serve you in all other things, but I must stand firm in my decision.


Storwyn of Valburn

II. Letter Found on Cave Giant King:

Great Agornius,

I send my emissaries to bring tidings. Ank Tang, despite being a small orc, is one of my top five commanders. I have full faith in him. Do not let his diminutive stature fool you. He is a worthy adversary and is deadly when fighting the humans.

You should know me and my lineage — the rightful ruler of Korindor. My family has been deposed for far too long. No longer will we hide in the north. I ask that you aid me in my quest and I will reward you greatly. As a show of good will, I have instructed Ank Tang to aid you in whatever you need.

These humans argue amongst themselves and have already provided me with a great favor by eliminating the Giant Killer. Further, one of these petty humans requested our aid to eliminate another of their kind. Ank Tang will perform this simple task. You will have to do nothing.

I know your clan is small, but I have heard of your deeds from the brethren and know you are a great warrior. Additionally, your servants will be very useful in the future. I ask you to introduce Mamukris to their leader so he can forge an alliance with them as well. I know your words will have great impact.

I hope to personally come and see you soon.

Grandori’ Al, Rightful King of Korindor

III. Letter Found on Orc Witch:


Your target is to be in the small town called Dorfeld on Cordine 15. The following day he is expected to travel along the road from Dorfeld to Newton. It would be best to strike there. My understanding is Ank should easily kill him. He is weak.

Agornius will be helpful, but the goblins hold the true object I desire. Be sure to persuade them to join my cause. If they require anything, provide it to them. If it is Agornius’ head they seek, tell them we will oblige and I will send someone to perform this task. Do not try this alone and make sure Ank doesn’t try anything so foolish.

I look forward to your prompt return,

Grandori’ Al, Rightful King of Korindor

IV. Letter Found in Leona’s Tower

Belintine 20, 1068

My Dearest Leona,

I hope you understand that my engagement to Aria is political in nature only. It is necessary to reforming the Old Kingdom once again. But never doubt that you are my one and only true love. Eventually, when all is done, you will rule by my side. All the others will serve us, even those who wish to rule in my place.

Prince Harold has already agreed that Valburn should be annexed back into the kingdom after he personally reaps his share of the spoils of Falak. He assures me there will be no opposition from the nobles there. When Valburn is once again part of Celedon, we can turn our eye to Leeland, which should prove to be no problem. Our “friend” is already working on Grinadier and he has reported that he has already recruited a solid ally in their ranks.

Speaking of our “friend”, you are definitely correct about him. Due to his relationship with our Black Prince, he sees his position as higher than my own. Who has done more for Baphomet than I? I am the one crafting his kingdom. I am the one who paid for his temple. I am the one who created the alliance with the Duerger. True, he provided the puzzle box which helped me become king, but I was the one in a position to be named king. No one would have believed it if he had been so named. And yes, he did also provide the Kharval, but these will eventually be his undoing. It was his only mistake. The Kharval are too powerful to surrender their control to me. Even your constructs, as powerful as they are, are nothing compared to them. With them by my side I will never fall….even the daunted Blood Guard from the south stand no chance.

But as I have said before, I need him. He has delivered everything he has promised and I need his help with Grinadier. Further, he is the one who has the key to destroying the army to the North. He holds no fear for the Storm Giant King, crown or not. Try as I may, he will not share the trick he holds over this powerful enemy. Until he has destroyed this threat, I dare not kill him. Unless of course, you are able to discover his secret! Besides, he is the Dark One, carrying Baphomet’s dark power. He may not be easily slain.

I believe I have eliminated one thorn in our side. The so-called redheart will soon be dwelling with their beloved mangus. I sent them to the underdark to fight “evil”. Hahaha! They will help to fulfill one part of our bargain with the dark dwarves by eliminating as many of the “evil” drow as possible. If the drow do not kill them, then I’m sure the underdark will.

I am so excited about our child! Perhaps he or she will have your looks and my brain. Either way, our work today will forge the greatest kingdom this land has ever known which our children and their children will rule for years to come.

All my love,

V. Scribbled Notes Found in Leona’s Tower:

Although much is scratched out and unreadable, the following notes seem to hold some importance.

Storm Giant = Good
This king = evil

Crown? Helios created a crown under rule of High King Aldren.
Ilion Ironbow advised Aldren not to use it. Could this be the same crown? Had Ilion already betrayed Aldren?
What happened to the crown when Hegelyn conquered Korindor? What happened to Storm Giant King?

Other ways to corrupt an entire family of good creatures and their descendants? Something…..
Look into Storm Giant Lore…….. They must know something….

Documents found in game

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