Goldhart Family Members

Below is a listing of the family tree of the House Goldhart from Tanner Goldhart to the present. Only the children of the male children are listed. Living family members are listed in italics.

Generation 1:

Tanner Goldhart D = Larilai Goldhart, nee Terrell D

Generation 2: Children of Tanner Goldhart with spouses:

Mangus Goldhart I D = Arianna Goldhart, nee Northrop D

Calvin Goldhart D = Lucy Goldhart, nee Lodis D

Joseph Sorrell D = Jennifer Sorrell, nee Goldhart

Peter Northrop D = Alexis Northrop, nee Goldhart D

Generation 3: Children of Mangus Goldhart I with spouses:

Mangus Goldhart, II D = Elizabeth Goldhart, nee Rey D

Barin Goldhart = Sharon Goldhart, nee Terrell D

Generation 3: Children of Calvin Goldhart with spouses:

Harold Goldhart D = Adora Goldhart, nee Sartan D

Charles Northrop = Arial Northrop, nee Goldhart

Marin Goldhart D

Generation 4: Children of Mangus Goldhart II:

Mangus Goldhart III D, 10 years old

Carla Goldhart D, 8 years old

Miriam Goldhart D, 4 years old

Tanner Goldhart, II, 3 years old

Generation 4: Children of Harold Goldhart:

Steven Goldhart, 4 years old

Cynthia Goldhart, 1 years old

D = deceased

Goldhart Family Members

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