Magic Scroll found in Thyrheim

To Ovid Atropurius, A Fellow Guardian of Alyssia:
A vision of hope and of warning

Darkness will always exist,
but its hold soon will wane.
A hero hails from the West,
And he will become evil’s bane.

We will aid him in this voyage
As he braves the wall of storm.
With his might and men of valor,
A re-conquered land he will form.

Our hero’s heart will be strong,
And his land truly blessed.
Grand and glorious it shall be,
All Alyssia will be impressed.

But darkness remains throughout time,
Vowing to never vanish.
Lurking in every shadow,
It is impossible to fully banish.

Strife will come again and again,
And the kingdom shall be torn apart.
But do not dismay, for this is life,
But pay attention to what I now impart.

I see darkness will rise and fall
But will never completely prevail.
Malum will strive and be vanquished,
And the Shadowlord will try to unveil.

But the greatest danger only appears
When our hero’s land is re-forged,
The hubris of this great land,
Will allow Alyssia to be engorged.

The Goat will make his play,
And powerful it will be,
His victory will be sealed,
And all that is good must flee.

So watch this kingdom to be,
Ensure it’s divided, humble, and meek
Unity creates power untold,
And the prospect will be bleak.

Moreal the Guardian
(This last part actually appears to float slightly above the scroll and clearly holds immense power).

Lady Sinare Torrent, High Priestess of Diakris tells RedHart the following information regarding what she knows about the scroll:

  1. The Scroll was written in High Celestial. This is a language only readable by powerful celestial beings. The only way she could get it translated was by gating a Star Archon named Raphael.
  2. The Scroll had a defense mechanism that would render it unreadable if ever touched by an evil creature.
  3. It would only reappear when touched by a powerful celestial creature or a powerful Paladin or good Cleric.
  4. The letter is written to Ovid Atropurius, an ancestor of Grandori’ Al. The Atropurius family served as guardians of Alyssia, as many storm giants do. The Atropurius’ family obviously ceased this role after the curse of the Sinarians.
  5. Moreal is a specific Solar Angel who is a captain of his peers. His role is a guardian of Alyssia.
  6. The “floating” name is a powerful gate spell that will call him. To invoke the power, his name must be read aloud while holding the scroll.

Magic Scroll found in Thyrheim

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