Rumors Concerning the Whereabouts of the Goldhart Family Members

Family Members who are Considered to be in custody (All people are held in Celedon):

Mangus Goldhart, II: This is considered fact.

Elizabeth Goldhart (Mangus’ wife): This is also considered fact.

Mangus Goldhart, III (Mangus’ oldest son): He was with Mangus when he was arrested. It is assumed he is also in custody.

Harold Goldhart (The mayor of Whitecastle): This is considered a fact.

Adora Goldhart (Wife of Harold Goldhart): This is considered fact

Family members who are free, but under suspicion:

Calvin Goldhart: This is Mangus, II uncle. He is the son of Tanner Goldhart. He is 55 years old and is under house arrest. He is considered the patriarch of the family, but is somewhat senile and seems to be much older than his 55 years. He currently resides in Wildekeep.

Jennifer Sorrel: This is Mangus, II aunt. She is the daughter of Tanner Goldhart. She is considered a Sorrel, not really a Goldhart anymore. She is not really under suspicion, but who knows. She currently resides in Wellcliff near WildeKeep.

Family Members whose whereabouts are unknown:

Barin Goldhart: This is Mangus’ younger brother. He lost all motivation when his wife, Sharon Goldhart, died just after they married. He is considered a lost cause and the black sheep of the family, but he was not always considered so. No one knows what happened to him, but he was not considered much of a threat to the king. He lived in the Stone Keep in Wildekeep, but also kept a home in Redville. He has not been seen at either location.

Carla Goldhart & Miriam Goldhart: These two children of Mangus Goldhart were last seen with their two bodyguards, Jeffrey and Ignus. They were on a walk in a meadow just outside of Wildekeep. It is a safe area, but they had two seasoned warriors as bodyguards. No one has seen either bodyguard or the children since the Goldhart House was arrested.

Tanner Goldhart, II: This young child was last seen with his nanny, Lynnea Corrent. She was playing with Tanner in the Atrium when the arrest happened. The atrium is located in Stone Keep in Wildekeep. No one saw either of them taken.

Steven & Cynthia Goldhart: These are the children of Harold Goldhart. The last time they were seen was with Sir Grant Bellows in Whitecastle. He took the children into town. He had begun to show an interest in helping Harold Goldhart out with his children whenever he could ever since his family was slaughtered. Grant Bellows’ youngest daughter was with them as well. It is unknown what happened to them when the arrest took place.

Rumors Concerning the Whereabouts of the Goldhart Family Members

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