The Relationship of the Different Houses

There is always strife between the various houses in Celedon. Below is a summary of the alliances and enmity between the current houses with a brief explanation.


Goldhart and Rey are allied. They are geographically nearby and ideologically aligned. They have solidified their alliance with several marriages between the families.

Blackwood and Terrel are allied. They are geographically close and have served each other for years.

The Houses Kennard, Fallham, and Thorburn have no historical ally and strive to be amiable with all houses with the exception of their enemies.

All minor houses serve their aligned major house and honor the allegiances of their Lords.


Blackwood and Goldhart are known to be at odds and have been for years. Likewise, their allies (Terrel and Rey) follow in the path of their ally.

Fallham and Thorburn are in constant competition for sea trade and this competition has at times developed into bitter enemies.

Kennard claims to have no enemies, but the House Kennard is very jealous of the House Langdon, who is supposed to be a subservient house but is blossoming into a major house recently with the growth of Alden’s Crossing. Therefore, although Langdon owes fealty to Kennard, this is changing and Langdon no longer pays the proper respect to Kennard. This creates a quandry for house Woodward who serves Kennard but also respects the growth of Langdon.

The minor houses, with the exception of Langdon and Woodward, follow their lords and are at odds with the same houses as their lord.

The Relationship of the Different Houses

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