The Throne of Celedon

The Gnostrol Woods

after speak to corinthia, we decide to rest before setting out
she sends a pixie called Celeste to act only as a guide

corinthia tells us that the forest extends forever
corinthia suggests that bren sounds like a spirit of the land but they should be long gone
we head back towards the clearing where we found all of the dead animals
towards the end of the ‘day’, suman sees a dancing female that is scantily clothed with golden hair and has elven features and is very bueatiful
she is called elenor, we try to question her about any evil in the forest
she says she doesnt know anything but wants to come along and help
Elenor travels with us
we stop to rest for the night and we have not yet reached the clearing

a number of the trees have been tapped and bleed
some have hatchet marks and other have been chopped down
a lot of damage have been done
Celeste is very sad over the damage
Elenor does like the damage either and thinks that we need to do something
we get to the clearing
nick says that there are a lot of tracks here
we were split on whether to track the group or where they came from
we rolled and decided to see where they came from
the night passes uneventfully but suman is facinated by elenor

we continue to travel
during the middle of the day, we find another set of tracks crossing the path we are following
these new tracks appear to be heading west and are newer then the old ones
the tracks appears to be small unshod humanoid tracks
and appear to have been made the day before
we rest for the night
elenor does not dance that night

we continue to follow the tracks
we get to a place towards the end of the day where the tracks just end
we decide to get off the tracks a couple hundred feet before we camp

suman wakes up feeling even worse so we drop a number of spells on him and he seems to feel better
the area where the tracks end is covered in tracks
they all seem have appeared over a period of several days and weeks
as we are standing there, we see a shimmering portal appear
we take out 3 troll like things called darkspawn
after taking them out and searching, 3 tree thingys that controlled 3 trees appeared after 20 minutes and we decided to flee
we double time it away and try to make a hidden camp
elenor takes third watch

i cast remove curse and remove disease on both nick and elenor



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