The Throne of Celedon

To save a beggar

the town is much busier

not much happens

not much happens

we are at dinner and the waitress brings a drink for us all and was bought by a human woman dressed in black and sitting with 4 others
the waitress says that they are the black company
the woman who leads the black company is much more attractive then even we are
the woman stands up and introduces herself as Cyn, Cyn silvertongue and introduces the rest
she sings about the old king and the new king and names our group as redheart

nothing much happens for several days

we get a message from the high priestess that she can meet us tomorrow

we speak to the high preistess
she tells us to speak to her friend Cynara
Cynara has a deeper connection with diakris
she shows us where Cynara is – Cynara lives in a very high tower over the border to the north

not much happens

Mangus summons us
we dress nicely and go the the castle
we wait for hours and its almost dark before he can see us
Mangus says he send word to the righteous vanguard and has not heard back from them
we go back to the inn
we sneak out to see Balthazar

finish pretraining
we buy red and gold clothing
we head out to wildkeep

we get to wildekeep
there is a noticeable lack of people in Wildekeep
we go to the castle
we are quickly brought into the throne room and Mangus arrives quickly
Mangus tells us that the old king told us about a bastard drake, the son of a cousin

first day of travel toward Cynara

a greater basilisk wanders into camp and is killed

we set out to track a basilisk nest
we follow its trail and find some very small ruins
it looks like it might have been a small temple

we continue on the path to Cynara

we reach the area where Cynara’s tower should be
we find a large number of dead creatures
we eventually find a large tower, but it is very thin, like 10ft in diameter but 250ft tall
Cynara is a colossal wingless dragon
she eats the gem that the high priestess gave us
we are asked to wait while Cynara gets information

the dragon returns and asks us to come to the roof of the tower
the focus we use must be freed from evil
Cynara is a direct servant of diakris
we ask her if she knows where one would be

Cynara tells us about a temple of diakris that was overcome with evil a long time ago
in the temple is an artifact called the bone of saint juris
she asks that we tell the high priestess that Cynara sends her best and her loving wish always be with her
we head towards the temple

we are still traveling towards the temple
we run into giant gnolls and almost die



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