Black Hammer


Black Hammer is a powerful, dark dwarf who wields a large, wicked hammer. Not surprisingly, the hammer from which he gets his name is coal black and made from some unknown material, presumably found deep in the earth.


RedHart first heard of Black Hammer when the drow Kailu showed the party some wanted posters which targeted RedHart and the missing Goldhart children. Anyone who wished to collect the reward was told to ask for Black Hammer at the Galloping Unicorn.

The party later crossed his path in the small town of Whitecastle. He was leading a Duerger force which was looking for Grant Bellows and Steven and Cynthia Goldhart, who were known to be hiding in Whitecastle. RedHart fought with this Duerger party and did very well against the bulk of the force. Sadly, they were easily overpowered by Black Hammer and he killed both Gintare and Grant Bellows. Fortunately, the rest of the party escaped and were able to rescue the children

Black Hammer

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