Khidaj Tanion

Half Elf Badass


Khidaj is a half elf hailing from Falak, born to an Elf father and a Human Female near Furat. Khidaj has an older brother, Talus who, unlike Khidaj, takes on a more Human look, and denies his half elf heritage. Khidaj’s father was a druid, and at a young age Khidaj showed a unique interest in spellcraft and other magics. Khidaj’s father mysteriously disappeared, and the village which Khidaj’s family lived in was attacked and burned to the ground by giants. Khidaj’s mother had been beleived to have been dead but no body was found, and Khidaj and his brother relocated to Dunya.
In order to survive, Khidaj took to thievery, until he was taken in by a retired mage named Fillan who ran a library. Khidaj showed potential for magic, expanded upon the teachings he learned from his father. While running errands for Fillan, He came across a strange Orc named Gall Dur’ek who required someone with a knowledge of magic who could be manipulated for a treasure expedition deep in the forests of Dalphine. Khidaj saw this as an opportunity to aid his brother, and repay the kindness Fillan had shown him. During the expedition Khidaj and his party battled against many evil wraiths, and at one point Khidaj became separated from his party, this is where he took on Algrinion, the massive spider that would later earn him a small amount of fame. This battle also earned him a fear of spiders. Khidaj and his party found the treasures they had sought, but the party had decided to kill the half elf to obtain greater shares of treasure. Gall Dur’ek took pity on the half elf and together they fled into the forests with a large portion of the treasure. Dur’ek began to teach the half elf the way of the ranger, and how to survive. Dur’ek was very hard on Khidaj, and in doing so Khidaj was even able to stand against Dur’ek despite his young age. One day, Dur’ek had decided the half elf could now defend himself and left in the middle of the knight. Khidaj felt a deep sorrow as everyone he had formed a bond with had left him, and this caused him to become a very quiet, and isolated person. Following the advice of Dur’ek, Khidaj enlisted in the army and was stationed at Wildkeep as a scout. Khidaj earned a reputation as a young, but very adept ranger, and stood out very much due to his dark complexion, disinterest in gold, stories of his adventures, and his free-spirited lust for wonder.

After his tour of duty, the half elf decided that he would reside around wildkeep and protect the people there who had shown him kindness and acceptance. Khidaj continued to scout and assist the military on scouting expeditions, but only in order to ensure the safety of the people as to not repeat what happened to his home when he was young.

Khidaj Tanion

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