Suman Kelm

A young, charismatic sorcerer loyal to Goldhart


Suman’s hair is white, has been since he was a child. Still, he has a youthful look. His eyes are large and cold blue. Even though he’s quite in nature, he has a presence in a room.


Suman was adopted as a baby by his parents who claimed not to have known anything about his birth parents. Raised on a small farm by a lake, Suman enjoyed a simple life until his parents were mysteriously murdered.

Left to fend for himself in the forest for over a year, Suman stumbled upon a soldier who was about to be attacked by a sneaky Goblin. Warning the soldier, the Goblin was slain and the soldier offered to take him in. Suman soon found out that the soldier wasn’t just a soldier, but was in fact, Mangus Goldhart.

Mangus allowed Suman to grow up in his keep and learn how to use his budding powers. When he was old enough, he was sent to help RedHart discover the whereabouts of Sir Bellow’s missing daughter in White Castle.

Suman Kelm

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