Information Provided by the Historian, William of Greyburn

Korindor, the Honorific ’Al and the red gem:

The land that is now inhabited by the kingdoms of Celedon, Valburn and Leeland once constituted the kingdom of Korindor. When Prince Hegelyn landed with a large force, he defeated the inhabitants of Korindor and established the country of New Celedon (later to be simply called Celedon). Years later, Valburn and Leeland separated from Celedon and we have the current geopolitical deliniations.

At the time, Korindor was ruled by a family of Storm Giants. Although studies are somewhat vague regarding this ruling family, it is clear that the honorific ’Al was adopted during their reign. The word means Supreme in Giant, however, the proper translation would probably be king or more likely, high king.

It is unclear what would have caused the normally good Storm Giants to rule an evil empire. However, there is discussion of the Crown of Storms, which was a powerful artifact worn by the storm giant king. In the memoir of Eadred Edmundson, the lieutenant of Prince Hegelyn, he stated, “The crown shimmered with a malevolent gleam, inspiring greed in all who gazed upon it’s beauty. Set in the crown were five powerful gems: an emerald, a saphire, a ruby, a diamond and an opal. It was clear we would never beat the Storm Giant and his army while the crown sat upon his head. We owe our lives to the lithe Gwendolyn, who was able to wrest the gems from the crown.”

There is no other mention of Gwendolyn or the gems in any documents I have reviewed.

Puzzle Box:

The Puzzle Box of Celedon is a powerful artifact that is said to have been a gift of the good gods. It was given after a small civil war erupted when a King Samuel Horn died without a direct heir. It is a small cube measuring about 6 inches on each side. It is made of a rich, dark wood that shimmers a golden hue with a lion that is carved out of ruby situated on top. The box, like most puzzle boxes, can be shifted into various positions. A normal puzzle box will only open when the sections are correctly aligned. This puzzle box is different in that it will align itself correctly at the time it is supposed to be opened. Although a person can try to solve the puzzle box and open it (i.e., slide the various parts and try to open the box), no one but the crowned king of Celedon can successfully do so.

The ruby lion only is visible when the box has been put into the correct order. Further, when the sliding sections are correctly placed, a lid is visible with hinges. Once the box is opened, it is clear that the ruby lion is not on top of wood, but rather forms the majority of the lid and is visible from the top and underneath of the lid.

The puzzle box is attuned to the ruler of Celedon and is used as a means to hold the will of the king. If the king dies without an heir, the box will open exactly 10 days after the death. This allows time for the nobles to gather for the reading of the will. Except for after the king dies, the puzzle box can only be opened by the ruling king. The will of the king must be written on a specific piece of vellum that is situated in the box. The vellum itself is very magical. It is said that only the true desire of the king can be written on the vellum. For instance, if someone was trying to force a king to name an heir other than one he wanted, then the king could write the forced name, but the name of the king’s desire would appear.

There is only one such puzzle box known to exist. However, based upon the information RedHart provided, it appears that a second, identical puzzle box was discovered by a party known as the Shadow Warriors in the Shadow Plane, specifically within the lair of Zon-Kuthon, the exiled god of pain and misery. Strangely, this was discovered almost 20 years ago. It is unknown what happened with the puzzle box, but it was definitely last in the possession of the Shadow Warriors.

The Shadow Warriors were based out of Runners Cove in Easterly, but spent most of their time in the newly discovered continent of Latticia. The members of this party were Gimble, a dwarven cleric of the Pirate Queen; Eliza and Mert, half-elf twins, a Rogue/Wizard and Rogue respectively; Pasha Pook, a halfling mystic theurge; and Fak, a fighter who worshiped Chellos. It is unknown what happened to most of these warriors, although it is possible some are still alive. However, there is mention of Fak who was imprisoned in Hell for 100,000 years for crimes against his god, Chellos. It is possible Balthazar would know more since he specializes in information regarding the nether lands and the occult.

The Drake Line:

The Drake Dynasty was the longest ruling family in Celedon history. Their Drakes ruled from 813 until 1066 NCR, ending when Marcus Drake died without an heir. Marcus was the longest ruling king in Celedon history, having ruled for 77 years. The Drake legacy is overall a very positive one and their rulers are remembered fondly by the people of Celedon.

With the exception of the Divided Years (a period of civil war lasting from 658 – 667 NCR) all royal families can trace their lineage back to Prince Macon Hegelyn, although some of the relations are very distant.

The Drake line ruled over numerous wars, including the devastating Second War of the Heavens.

The Pyramid Gates:

There are numerous instances of Gates existing throughout history. Additionally, gates that are triggered by pyramid shaped objects are not unusual and are slightly different in that they have been attuned to one specific location. In the Shadow War, there are mention of several of these gates that were attuned to “pocket planes” associated with the Shadow Plane. An arcane scholar could provide information regarding the use of these particular magic items.

The Name Handor:

The name Handor is somewhat unique, but not unheard of. The most well known Handor was Handor Tenner, a king of Celedon who reigned from 702 – 721 NCR. He was the son of Stephen Tenner, who never married but had several sons from various women. Stephen Tenner reunited Celedon after the rift during the Divided Years, but was assassinated and Celedon stood on the brink of once more being torn apart. Handor took over as king and was able to prevent another civil war. He was then instrumental in healing the fractured kingdom and once again uniting the nobles of the land.

Information Provided by the Historian, William of Greyburn

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