The Country of Celedon

Celedon is the largest and most powerful country in Alyssia. It is the main supplier of food to the entire country and this is it’s major export. It is primarily made of plains with rolling hills throughout the country. A traveler going through Celedon would see miles and miles of farmland and grazing land. There are also vast areas of undeveloped land.

Celedon is ruled by King Jarrod Godwin. Jarrod Godwin is the first king of the house Godwin. King Jarrod is known as a great administrator and has helped the economy of Celedon rebound after the disastrous rule of King Blackwood.

Currently, there is no heir to the throne. Despite the urging of many of the nobles of the land, King Jarrod shows no signs of taking a wife. It is said his heart belongs to the kingdom, although there are some who believes he is in love with a plain looking woman from Eirland.

Jarrod continues to fly the Godwin family crest….a green fox on a simple white background. As tradition dictates, a crown sits above the fox whenever the king is present.

The flag of Celedon is a Red Lion Rampant on a field of green/white field.

1. Celedon: Capital city that bears the name of the country. It is situated on the Culose River, which is completely navigable. Therefore, there is a large dock area and trade dominates Celedon. The surrounding area produces so much food goods, that Celedon alone could feed the entire country.

Inahabitants: Population: 45,000; 84% human (includes half-elf); 6% dwarven; 6% elven; 3% Halfling; 1% other.

The following communities are situated near Celedon:

Blackmill: Ruled by Baron Stephen Blackwood, a distant cousin to the infamous Cowan Blackwood. Due to the actions of Cowan Blackwood, the Blackwood family has lost much of their influence and power. Although the Blackwood family has traditionally served as advisers to the king of Celedon, this practice has stopped with King Jarrod.

& Lakeside: Ruled by Baroness Margaret Cornell.

Dorfeld &
Greenhom: Ruled by King Jarrod Godwin.

2. Westerholt: Westerholt is the second largest city in Celedon. It is ruled by Duke Martin Terrell. Duke Terrell is considered a good and shrewd ruler, but he is a career politician and never adventured.

Westerholt has an economy that is very similar to Celedon’s. However, Westerholt is world renowned for their horses. They are considered the most hearty and fastest in Alyssia. No one would bet against a Westerholt horse with the possible exception of those found in Dunya, whose horses rival Westerholt’s.

Inahabitants: Population: 25,000; 81% human (includes half-elf); 3% dwarven; 6% elven; 9% Halfling; 1% other.

Westerholt serves the following communities:

Fayville – a halfling shire &
Pinehollow – a halfling shire: Also ruled directly by Duke Martin Terrell

Rosepond &
Lordale: Ruled by Baron Henry Stafford.

3. Hegelyn: Hegelyn is situated where the Harwil River branches off from the larger Culose. It is an important trade city since many merchants from the mineral rich Grenadier and Lumber rich Orfort move their product through Hegelyn. It is considered the gateway to the West.

Duke Merril Rey rules Hegelyn. Duke Merril is seen as a respected and wise ruler. He is a cleric of Taryn and is prone to rash acts of bravery, but his renown wisdom usually prevails.

Inahabitants: Population: 25,000; 83% human (includes half-elf); 9% dwarven; 6% elven; 1% Halfling; 1% other.

Hegelyn serves the following communities:

Mistlake: Also ruled by Duke Merril Rey.

Glasshaven &
Riverside: Ruled by Baron Henry Martel.

4. Woodmere: Woodmere is located in the Eastern Plains of Celedon. It is perhaps the safest city in Celedon and has not seen any type of infestation in years. The Harwil River is navigable without interruption from the growing town of Alden Crossing. All supplies from Alden Crossing go through Woodmere. Woodmere is renown for its fine cotten and linen clothing. Cotton is one of the most important products here.

Woodmere is ruled by Duke Henry Kennard, the son of the late Davis Kennard. He is an accomplished fighter and is known to be quite ambitious. Duke Henry Kennard’s father died of old age, but the Duke blames Jarrod for his father’s death and has not tried to mask his dislike of the new king.

Inahabitants: Population: 20,000; 85% human (includes half-elf); 4% dwarven; 7% elven; 1% Halfling; 3% gnome.

Woodmere serves the following communities:

Codfield &
Orley: Ruled by Baronet Stephen Wooodward

Alden Crossing: Ruled by Earl Justice Langdon

Merrymill &
Linford: Ruled by Duke Henry Kennard

5. Wildekeep: Wildkeep is an important town that began as a fort to protect the northern border. It is under constant attack from hordes from the north. Orcs and goblins are the chief enemies, although giants and other folks are quite common. For this reason, Wildekeep is a location all of the Celedon army serves. The King himself led countless raids when he was younger.

The leader of Wildekeep is Regent Harold Grant, a long-time supporter of the late Goldhart line and a general of the army of the north. Jarrod has placed him to rule over these lands until the Goldhart family is returned to rule.

There are some mining operations near Wildekeep that provide for the main economic boon. Iron ore is quite plentiful in the hills near Wildekeep.

Inahabitants: Population: 15,000; 86% human (includes half-elf); 9% dwarven; 4% elven; 1% other.

Wildekeep serves the following communities:
Redville &
Wellcliff: Ruled by Baron Charles Northrop.

Whitecastle: Also ruled by Regent Harold Grant.

6. Fallham: Fallham is a small port city located at the mouth of the Harwil River. It serves as an important trade hub between the interior eastern cities of Alyssia and the islands and Southern Continent. Trade is brisk between the Fallham and Alden Crossing.

Fallham is known for their ships. They have several competing companies that build ships of all sizes. Many ships that sail the seas are built in Fallham.

Fallham is ruled by the young Earl Bernard Fallham. Earl Bernard is known for having fun more than actually ruling the land. King Marcus has had more than a few problems with this young ruler.

Inahabitants: Population: 20,000; 85% human (includes half-elf); 3% dwarven; 8% elven; 3% gnome; 1% other.

Fallham serves the following communities:

Havenmoor &
Fallpond: Also ruled by Earl Bernard Fallham

Aelhollow &
Seabarrow: Ruled by Baronet Reginald Grey

7. Southshore: Southshore is located on one of the most pristine beaches in all of Alyssia. The white sands attract a lot of visitors and Southshore tends to capitalize on this. Additionally, there is a nice working harbor and many items are brought through Southshore and brought to Westerholt. Additionaly, like most of Celedon, there are ample fields for growing and grazing.

Earl Forrest Thorburn rules Southshore. He is an accomplished leader and has visions of growing Southshore so that it competes with Celedon itself in size. Under his aggressive growth plan, Southshore has grown quite a bit.

Inahabitants: Population: 25,000; 86% human (includes half-elf); 1% dwarven; 3% elven; 9% Halfling; 1% other.

Southshore serves the following communities:

Lightbeach: Also ruled by Earl Forrest Thorburn

Springden – A halfling shire,
Beachkeep &
Mallowglen: Ruled by Baroness Alicia Waterman

The Country of Celedon

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